Ramco ERP on Cloud for Dairy Procurement and Distribution - Milk success with the right business solution

Great business practices. Better margins.

Over 6 billion people across the world consume milk on a regular basis. For any entity dealing with this highly perishable animal produce, the procurement and distribution process is of paramount importance. The quality requirement, controls, and statutory regulations governing this process also tend to be stringent. Organizations therefore need to adopt best practices to make profit in this highly competitive market space.

Ramco ERP on Cloud for Dairy Procurement and Distribution comprises of industry leading functionalities for Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Ramco Analytics on Cloud.

Enable agile milk procurement logistics

Systematic procurement. Smart distribution. Better control.

Milk Procurement is a complex process that needs to be executed swiftly on a continuous basis. Ramco ERP on Cloud helps you to organize the procurement process.

  • Formulate route-based procurement plan
  • Track procurement on a real-time basis
  • Track the logistics and manage the time schedule for procurement
  • Make multiple purchases at the same time from multiple farmers
  • Track the quality of the milk procured
  • Facilitate material receipts without Purchase Orders
  • Enable bulk receipts across Suppliers
  • Make payments based on the quality of milk supplied (attribute-based pricing)

Regulate your milk distribution process

Plan better. Realize less wastage.

Ramco ERP on Cloud provides a sophisticated solution to distribute milk and milk products to retail outlets and also to end-customers.

  • Enable stores-based sales through bulk booking
  • Sell milk at specified times
  • Formulate route-based procurement plan
  • Pricing based on quality attributes of the product
  • Efficient handling of the product shelf-life
  • Provide quota-based sales to retail users and distributors
  • Expiry-based lot system
  • Returning of spoilt milk

Be in control of your financials

Integrate the supply and distribute process. Get a firmer grip on your finance.

As milk and milk products are highly perishable, it is important that the supply chain (both inward and outward) is extremely responsive. Ramco ERP on Cloud integrates the supply process and distribution of milk.

  • Affords an integrated view of the financials
  • Provides margins across procurements and shipments
  • Enables bulk shipment across customers and dispatch routes
  • Associated statutory available as part of the standard solution
  • Complete stock position, along with the quality of the stock, lot-wise
  • Comprehensive, attribute-based stock and pricing