Ramco ERP on Cloud for the Food & Beverages Manufacturers

- Fizz up Your Business

As a manufacturer of foods and beverages (F&B), you are faced with constant pressure concerning margins, ever-changing and seasonal demands of retail customers and consumers, changing food habits of people around the world, pressure of adhering to stringent food safety regulations, etc. On top of all this, you have to keep innovating to offer new and better products to your customers, in order to keep them delighted and loyal. Keeping an eye on all of these requires you to have a trusted companion who not only shares your workload but also brings in vast experience and perspective to help you derive better value out of your efforts.

Welcome Ramco ERP on Cloud for the Food & Beverage industry into your enterprise, and rest assured.

Meet food safety regulations confidently

Ensure all safety measures and meticulous documentation. Be in everybody’s good books.

You need to ensure that you follow the stringent government regulations right through procurement, manufacturing, storage and delivery. Ramco ERP on Cloud enables you to do just that.

  • Ensure compliance with food safety norms, with built-in HACCP capabilities
  • Ensure detailed quality checks at every stage of manufacturing
  • Carry out effective item attribute management and checklist based clearances
  • Manage stock ageing, lot expiry and re-testing requirements
  • Ensure proper maintenance of critical equipment
  • Attach and maintain relevant certificates using document management systems
  • Enforce good manufacturing practices using features such as lot tracking, multi-level authorization, attribute handling, multiple units of measure, etc.

Get the right prices for your products

Boost quality, cut waste, optimize price. Delight customers by delivering value for money.

It is extremely important to price your products right, given the competition and pressure on margins. This is especially true while working with large retailers. Ramco ERP on Cloud helps you manage your prices and margins better.

  • Use the advanced pricing engine to set up pricing rules for your products
  • Carry out pricing estimates before embarking on introduction of new products
  • Manage raw material prices with better vendor management and procurement strategies
  • Manage and control product costs through product costing methodologies.

Improve time-to-market for new products

Get new products out into the market sooner. Position yourself as a trendsetter and innovator.

Ever-changing consumer preferences brought about by changing lifestyles, improved standards of living and increasing health consciousness pose newer challenges for manufacturers to introduce new food and beverage products faster and with high acceptance. With Ramco ERP on Cloud, you can do that quite swiftly.

  • Cary out detailed cost estimates for the new product
  • Carry out new product development related activities as dedicated R&D projects for better control
  • Manage product trials, involve potential customers for feedback and industrialize the formula
  • Analyze stock performance with inventory analysis capabilities.

Improve efficiency of manufacturing processes

Do more with less. Adopt best practices.

Your manufacturing process involves certain unique business practices. Ramco ERP on Cloud for the F&B industry has these practices embedded in the product to help you improve the efficiency of your operations significantly.

  • Implement formula security to ensure safety of your patented formulations
  • Use yield/ loss calculations to track spillage/ losses better
  • Analyze material and activity variances to improve operational efficiency
  • Maintain product attributes in inventory
  • Manage product ageing and expiry
  • Ensure end-to-end traceability in the whole manufacturing process, from receipt of first stage raw material to final product.
  • Use dual units of measure while managing stock
  • Produce in bulk and sell in different pack sizes

Plan better in a challenging environment

Make sure you have what you need, when you need it. Stock nothing more, nothing less.

In your business, it is all about planning and managing your stock levels better, given the ever-fluctuating demands and perishable nature of such items. At the same time, pricing and procurement concerns related to key ingredients dominate the thoughts of planners. Ramco ERP on Cloud takes the pain out of planning.

  • Create better material and capacity plans with Ramco planning processes
  • Plan for seasonal demands
  • Manage long- and short-term plans in tune with your planning objectives
  • Define planning strategies at item level for better control – MRP, MPS, Reorder Level, etc.
  • Set rules for planning co-products and by-products
  • Manage imports and critical item procurements better

Let technology work end-to-end

Put IT to work inside and outside your organization. Let it pervade every process.

Calling technology an enabler is an understatement today. As a food and beverage manufacturer, you are already aware of the demands that leading retailers put forth in terms of incorporating RFID and bar codes into inventory. At the same time, the use of technology within your enterprise gives you an edge in every aspect of your business. So, ensure that it works throughout the value chain, not just within your company but throughout—even as the goods move. Ramco ERP on Cloud ensures that you get the most out of all the technology investments that you make.

  • Incorporate bar code labels into your reports
  • Integrate with real-time data collection systems such as SCADA/ PLC systems
  • Integrate with weighbridge systems to speed up goods receipt operations
  • Use GPS based tracking for your shipments
  • Get anytime, anywhere analytics on your smart devices