Ramco ERP on Cloud for Electronics and Hi-Tech Manufacturers

Whether you are a manufacturer of electronics, semiconductors, electrical equipment or any other hi-tech product, constant innovation and giant leaps being made in every field of technology mean that your business processes also require constant fine-tuning and optimization across a global supply chain.

Ramco ERP on Cloud for Electronics and Hi-tech Industries can help you adapt quickly and achieve market leadership.

Make manufacturing a pleasure—for all

Ease manufacturing with improved flexibility. Plan better. Cater to changing customer needs.

Being in a niche segment, you should be able to adapt quickly to changes in design, demand, etc. An end-to-end solution, Ramco ERP on Cloud provides you the desired flexibility to adapt your manufacturing processes to rapid design and process changes, without hassles.

  • Carry out detailed cost estimates before embarking on industrial production
  • Manage multi-level product structures
  • Allow multiple routing with process plans
  • Plan better with MPS and MRP
  • Manage capacity issues with RCCP (Rough Cut Capacity Planning) and Finite Scheduling
  • Track and manage engineering changes with Engineering Change Management

Optimize inventory

Plan more effectively. Make sure you have what you need, without wastage.

With Ramco ERP on Cloud, you can balance inventory levels to manage regular operations as well as cater to explosive demand phases, without wastage. You can also maintain the visibility needed to adjust forecasts and reduce inventory write-off.

  • Record production forecasts, set up rules for consumption of forecast
  • Gain greater inventory turnover visibility. Track inventory to balance cost of inventory with benefits
  • Track item with Lot No. and Serial No.
  • Define multiple planning methods such as MRP, MPS, reorder level, min-max for an item
  • Analyze inventory performance with ABC, XYZ and FSN analysis
  • Manage stock imports and exports

Maintain top quality

Monitor and maintain quality at every stage. Minimize returns and reworks.

Ramco ERP on Cloud helps you manage stringent quality requirements across your supply chain and production processes.

  • Manage quality checks at every stage
  • Identify item attributes and manage quality standards
  • Set up standard operating procedures to ensure the right operations
  • Manage non-conformance, RMA tracking, problem types, internal problems, non-conformance costs, corrective actions
  • Set up governance, risks and compliance (GRC) processes for comprehensive governance and risk mitigation

Stay ahead of schedules

Make on-time shipments—always. Keep customers smiling.

Be confident of your supply–demand planning. Generate and update your monthly shipment plan and convert it into production orders. Manage plan changes and consequent production changes effectively.

  • Attach your production orders with monthly plan/forecast
  • Optimize your production and match demand for every month
  • Sync your weekly production with dispatch schedule.

Launch new products with ease

Add new products to your portfolio. Reach the market on time. Be a trendsetter.

In the hi-tech industry, it is important to keep innovating. Launching a new product is a skill-driven exercise, which needs know-how, planning and proper execution. Ramco ERP on Cloud helps you manage new product development and marketing efficiently.

  • Automate flow of PCB engineering designs into machine programs
  • Automate BOM, engineering work instructions and quality specifications
  • Manage electronic Engineering Change Orders

Make the most of your assets

Ensure asset availability and reliability. Cut downtime.

You can effectively manage the entire lifecycle of your critical assets, improve asset utilization and ensure availability of your critical equipment.

  • Manage assets right from asset planning, procurement and operations, to maintenance budgeting and timely repair of mission critical equipment
  • Leverage preventive, predictive, breakdown and shutdown maintenance practices
  • Activate maintenance and calibration alerts
  • Integrate equipment with SCADA-DCS (Direct Control Systems) through RTI (Real Time Integration) to ensure accurate data entry. Save time and analyze anomalies faster.