Ramco ERP on Cloud for Leather Manufacturers - Combat ever-changing trends

Weather changes in the Leather Industry. Do it with a dynamic solution!

The average customer of today demands the best quality leather product at the most competitive rate. At the same time, as environmental laws become increasingly stringent, leather manufacturers accrue costs in abiding by governmental regulations regarding disposal, storage and so on. What you need is a business solution that can help you optimize performance, satisfy customers and reduce production costs.

Ramco ERP on Cloud does all this and more! Comprising of industry-leading functionalities for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Capital Management (HCM) and Ramco Analytics, Ramco ERP on Cloud is a comprehensive and total solution for the Leather Industry.

Optimized sourcing of raw material

Source it right. Watch your profits grow.

Since leather is an animal produce and a perishable product, it is essential to source the right quantity at the right time. Optimized sourcing can curb wastage and boost your bottom-line. Ramco ERP on Cloud also helps you optimize the procurement process of both raw and tanned leather.

  • Formulate accurate production plans based on forecast
  • Enable safe stock-based planning for critical items
  • Provide options to purchase alternate varieties defined in the Bill of Materials
  • Track the hides depending on their country of origin, right up to production
  • Help users to record stock in more than one Unit of Measure

Manage Bill of Material for multiple product variants

Control the inflow and outflow of multiple products effortlessly

Various products like footwear come in a variety of sizes, widths and patterns. In such a scenario, managing your Bill of Master can be the most important activity for efficient production. Ramco ERP on Cloud facilitates easy management of the Bill of Materials.

  • Unify the Bill of Material through multiple variants, based on user-defined rules
  • Provide variant-specific additional input materials
  • Conditions-based material selection for design, size and width combination
  • Stock the variant of an item without defining the masters

Provide better service with efficient prototyping and quotes

Understand business needs. Adhere to quality. Be in control.

Since most retail chains order their footwear based upon stringent quality control parameters, your ERP system should follow an efficient prototyping and quote system. Ramco ERP on Cloud helps in efficient quote solutions.

  • reate multiple Bill of Materials for prototyping
  • Estimate accurately based on various types of Bill of Materials and providing quotes for the same
  • Mark up and mark down the costs in estimates, based on business needs

Keep a tab on customer orders

Less storage space necessitates stocking of more focused products

With rentals sky-rocketing, it is well nigh impossible to stock several varieties of footwear across various sizes. At Ramco, we understand all the challenges of accommodating various customer preferences and sizes in limited store space. You need to order footwear in smaller lots, even as you cater to different kinds of customers. To keep pace with granular orders, your business solution should help you keep track of materials across the supply chain. Ramco ERP on Cloud provides a comprehensive solution to track customer orders and their status.

  • Integrate order pegging across sales orders, stock transfer orders, production orders and purchase orders
  • Track orders across factories, as well as goods that have been rejected
  • Forecast the estimated shipments plan and also the quality of materials produced in real-time

Utilize raw material efficiently

Minimize wastage, maximize productivity

Since animal hides are high-value commodities, you need to optimize its use so as to curb wastage. Moreover, tanning and making of footwear tends to be labor-intensive and skill based; it is imperative therefore that you constantly measure the efficiency of these processes as well as the utilization of raw materials. This would also enable you to maximize output.

  • Calculate the approximate rates for converting raw skin to tanned leather
  • Provide extensive reports that compare the conversion of raw hide to finished goods across various sizes and processes, leading to process improvements
  • Account for the hide wasted during various production processes, besides accounting for their disposal
  • Classify the produce according to varying grades of quality and allocating them appropriately to maximize revenue

Get a 360o view of your organization at all times

Get better visibility. Make smarter decisions.

As a competitive manufacturer of leather goods, you need to utilize raw material efficiently while honoring stringent quality parameters and customer deadlines. Having a complete view of your organization inside out can help you in several ways.

  • Provide online view of your receivables and payables
  • Enable effective credit management
  • Present online view of order commitments and planned order completion dates
  • Plan purchases and their expected arrival dates online
  • View online the various order costs and exception of cost deviations
  • Inform on product-wise profitability of every product produced