Ramco ERP on Cloud for Precision Products Manufacturers – Be a Pioneer

Delight customers. Make your products count. Grow, to lead the market.

As a precision products manufacturer, you need to be really careful at every stage — be it choosing raw materials, sourcing from vendors, or making use of complex machineries. You need to innovate, and establish world-class quality — to instil confidence in your customers’ minds. Ramco ERP on Cloud can be your companion, to achieve all this and much more. You can experience the power of Ramco ERP, as it assists you in every stage, to become a world class manufacturer.

Improve operational efficiency

Monitor and measure all processes. Optimize, innovate, reduce costs. Improve profitability.

Use Ramco ERP on Cloud and get end-to-end visibility of your operations. Make the best use of information and gain insights to help your operations perform better.

  • Optimize the utilization of production resources through consistent planning and scheduling of resources
  • Track your costs; make your operations efficient
  • Make quality an integral aspect of your operations
  • Conceptualize, innovate and develop new products and be a market leader

Enhance productivity

Automate business activities. Streamline processes. Be agile.

Streamline and automate your business processes with Ramco ERP on Cloud. You can run your operations more productively, and respond to customers quicker.

  • Generate auto reminder for payments
  • Trigger inspection automatically and ensure quality
  • Get alerts and statuses on daily stock, cash/ bank status, collection, expenses, etc. in your mail box every day

Optimize inventories

Balance your inventory levels. Reduce wastage and inefficiencies.

Ramco ERP on Cloud enables you to maintain an optimal level of inventory, by analysing the demand and supply of items. Analyze your inventory based on rate of consumption (FSN Analysis), Value (ABC Analysis) or criticality (VED Analysis).

  • Plan your procurement and match monthly demand for the production plan
  • Execute your procurement with approved vendor list
  • Compare quotations and convert quotations to orders directly
  • Maintain and update your delivery schedule.

Maintain top quality

Manage stringent quality requirements at every stage. Reduce returns and reworks.

Reach your quality goals with Ramco ERP on Cloud. Make your product speak for you in the market. Delight customers with great quality at optimal prices.

  • Maintain master data of specifications and standards for testing
  • Record and analyse test results. Track failed items with reason code for improvement
  • Automate testing and reduce quality check cycle time
  • Ensure quality control in all stages, from procurement to production.