Ramco ERP on Cloud for Textile Manufacturers - Give Your Business a Successful Spin

Plan confidently. Execute smoothly. Be a trendsetter and stay ahead.

The dynamic nature of the textile business, which is affected by seasonality, fluctuating global demand, processing capacity constraints, high operating costs, and such other factors, makes your business a challenging one indeed. Being part of a global conglomerate that has interests in the textile business, and having provided solutions to group companies and many other companies in the textile industry has helped gain a deep understanding of the challenges you face. You can use Ramco ERP on Cloud, with its built-in best practices and comprehensive functionalities, to not just manage your business smoothly but also to innovate, grow and please your customers at every opportunity.

Whether you are into the cotton-to-yarn, yarn-to-fabric or fabric-to-garment segment—or all of it, Ramco ERP on Cloud has everything you need to manage your business end-to-end.

Beat the seasonality

Neither stock too much nor say no to any customer. Just plan effectively.

You no longer need to worry about the seasonal nature of your industry’s procurement cycle. Simply use Ramco ERP on Cloud to plan well and pass the benefit to end customers

  • Extensive features in the procurement module support your raw material acquisition process right from finding out the right vendor to goods receipt
  • Manage your relationship with vendors, set workflows and trigger purchase orders automatically to reduce the procurement lead time. Avoid uncertainty and ensure smooth flow of input materials for continuous running of plant
  • Plan for procurements on quarterly, half-yearly and annually basis - take advantage of the low price seasons.

Streamline manufacturing

Manage the manufacturing process end-to-end. Reduce lead time.

Ramco ERP on Cloud has been developed keeping the dynamics of the textile manufacturing process in mind. You can manage your manufacturing process even better now with the built-in industry best practices.

  • Support unique production processes such as Ring Spun – Carded & Combed, Open End – Carded & Combed, Surgical processes for Plaster of Paris (POP), Ortho-fix, Gauze and Bandage, etc.
  • Manage inventory logs of upstream and downstream for different processing speeds
  • Trace your lot throughout the manufacturing process. Track lots by style, color, size, range and quality
  • Get real-time data of production systems and manage production stoppages better
  • Estimate your product cost and plan for competitive pricing
  • Get predictable delivery dates using extensive planning capabilities.

Stay atop your inventory

Manage your inventory well. Be better prepared for market swings.

With Ramco ERP on Cloud, you can manage fluctuations in demand better through effective planning and inventory management techniques

  • Streamline your planning processes and manage lead times better with MPS, MRP, RCCP and CRP
  • Spot changes in demand immediately with real-time information from ERP
  • Use physical inventory and cycle counting to get close accuracy between actual and system stock
  • Get the online information on your inventory value and manage your financials
  • Analyze inventory performance using ABC, XYZ and FSN analysis

Empower your business with world-class technology

Seamlessly manage all business functions—including financials and plant maintenance.

With all data available in real-time throughout the enterprise, all the stakeholders can make the right decisions at the right time.

  • Analyse your cost at multiple levels. Monitor your variable cost, fixed cost, post factory cost elements, in order to control costs and enhance efficiency
  • Get more accurate profitability forecasts with the right data set
  • Use plant maintenance to reduce shutdowns and remove bottlenecks
  • Integrate your solution with real-time data collection systems to ensure accurate and fast data entry.