Ramco ERP on Cloud for the Trading Industry

Expand your trade. Enter multiple geographies. Be a leader in your business.

As a visionary trader, you are committed to serving your customers efficiently and growing market share quickly. In your quest for excellence, you need to track your go-to-market strategies easily and in real-time. Ramco ERP on Cloud has robust features that enable you with real-time data, decision-making power, and efficient processes. Track your operations so you know what is performing and what is not, and get empowered to rise above future challenges.

With Ramco, you can fast-track your trading business across geographies. Whether it is strategic sourcing to accrue cost advantages, pricing across wider geographies, greater visibility on shipping dates or simply collection concerns, our trading solutions are designed to cater to your needs and realize revenue growth.

Manage leads efficiently

Experience greater visibility on leads generated. Ensure greater conversion rates.

It is important to grow. It is more important to be ready to face the demand when you grow. With Ramco ERP on Cloud, you can manage your leads and review your demand pipeline data in a structured manner. You can prepare your business model to support a large customer base.

  • Understand the lead numbers and quality
  • Develop insights into opportunity creation, marketing activities and follow-up
  • Perform periodic opportunity reviews
  • Analyse your competition and tweak your sales pitch accordingly

Dovetail multiple sales themes

Manage multiple sales themes. Delight all customers.

As you expand your sales operations across global markets, you need a solution that is flexible enough to dovetail multiple sales themes and deliver customer delight. With Ramco ERP on Cloud, you can configure and perform multiple types of sales with required workflows and approvals.

  • Track your sales data at warehouse/ branch levels
  • Perform regular Item, Consignment, Drop ship, Bill & Hold, Stock Transfer and other sales types
  • Adopt different sales discounts types, based on pricing rules for customers
  • Use the Global Tax Solution engine to comply with statutory norms.

Handle stocks effortlessly

Track stock on hand at various warehouses in real-time. Avoid wastage. Improve profitability.

Track your stock availability by tracking consumption pattern. Develop complete visibility across your warehouses in multiple geographies. Gain insights into performing and non-performing stock assets. Adopt strategies with ease for seasonal stocking, to enhance the value chain.

  • Use ABC codes to categorize items. Study stock values and movement
  • Know exactly the stock locations item-wise and study inventory turnover
  • Fix and re-visit your ROL (Re-Order levels), MOQ (Minimum Order Quantities) and Safety Stock. Tweak them as necessary in tandem with fluctuating demand patterns.

Stay ahead of competition

Price competitively. Grow fast.

Offer your customers service excellence. Understand their buying patterns and pricing needs to position your product profitably. Reward your high volume customers with better pricing options. Ramco ERP on Cloud aids you to develop these strategies, so you can stay ahead of competition.

  • Adopt pricing rules based on items and customers. Study to identify high volume customers
  • Group items and customers for pricing. Fix a range of volume-based pricing alternatives
  • Study profitability for all shipments moving out of warehouses, across geographies.

Run effective sales promos

Plan and ensure that your marketing efforts are efficient. Improve response to promos.

Enhance your ability to run sales campaigns through promos and register revenue growth. Ramco ERP on Cloud supports you in this effort with promotional features comprising deals that cater to multiple business scenarios that you encounter during season and off-season.

  • Do price deals (price-off)
  • Launch discount deals (with quantity and value breaks)
  • Perform free goods deals (free item for buying another item)

Be on time, always

Track sales and collection efficiencies. Deliver goods on time. Collect bills also on time.

Stay closer to your customers to take care of their requirements. Track their every requirement to deliver on time and at the right price. Ramco ERP on Cloud helps you do this.

  • Analyze past sales and invoicing. Identify delays
  • Perform receivables ageing analysis through DSO (day sales outstanding)
  • Identify defaulters and tighten credit limits.

Source strategically

Be in league with suppliers. Have goods where-when-how you need it.

Collaborate with your suppliers to drop lead times and costs. This helps you to remain competitive in your market and reduce costs to your customers. Ramco ERP on Cloud facilitates this proactive and strategic sourcing approach.

  • Identify and enlist your preferred suppliers with quote management features
  • Study your supplier performance based on timely deliveries, quantity and quality data
  • Provide feedback to suppliers for continuous performance improvement in a collaborative platform
  • Facilitate quick flow of information to your suppliers through supplier self-service portal, a standard Ramco feature.

Motivate your sales team

Calculate commissions. Reward performance.

Motivate your sales personnel by rewarding their performance. With Ramco ERP on Cloud, you can set parameters—based on sales orders, invoices or realized invoices—on which you can implement and calculate salesperson commission payouts.

  • Maintain salesperson commissions
  • Track eligibility. Track sales orders and invoices
  • Process commission and effect payouts.

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