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In the world of business today, speed matters more than anything else, and Digital Transformation will be possible only when organizations are agile. Transforming operations will bring in operational excellence that will be driven by technology thus paving way for innovation and excellence. This is where Digital Transformation steps in. We, at Ramco, continue to emphasize on the fact that a true Digital Transformation is all about results that should be driving an improvement that is not just incremental but substantial. What was expected to become a need by 2025, has now become urgent and important.

Ramco Aviation on Cloud announces 3 new power-packed offerings for the heli operator segment

- February 27, 2014

Anaheim, United States – February 27, 2014 – Ramco Systems, the global Aviation Software provider on Cloud, Mobile and Tablets, today announced the launch of three new features to enhance its offering for the heli-operator segment at the HELI EXPO 2014, in Anaheim, California.

Ramco’s Mobility Solution for Heli Mechanics simplifies log book entry and hence increases productivity. Mechanics will now be able to record all maintenance related data using the iPad App from Ramco. Supervisors / managers on the other hand can review work progress and manage their Bases efficiently. The solution is available across both iOS and Android devices.

Ramco’s Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) is now available on tablets. This brings about the paperless cockpit as it supports documentation, manuals & references, flight planning (with charts), weight & balance calculations, passenger manifest and flight billing. The EFB is fully integrated with the maintenance side of Ramco hence enabling seamless flow of due list, open discrepancies (MEL) and pushing the hours/cycles and other meters recorded during flight, the open pre-built integration interfaces will enable easy integration to M&E systems

Ramco’s Flight Contract and Invoice module enables capturing of the flight contracts including the key billing information. This includes ability to define rates for flying including slab rates, aircraft availability, crew time, travel, incidentals and more. This is fully integrated with the EFB, Journey Logs and Maintenance side within Ramco. Hence the billing for a flight is only a few clicks away. The key contractual data are created and maintained centrally, electronically. When the flight happens, the system knows the contract the aircraft is mapped to and generates the billing information in the form of a flight sheet. This can be reviewed and sent for billing directly.
The supporting documentation with details of the flight can be sent easily to the Customer of the Operator. This significantly reduces the time to bill, increases visibility across the board for receivables and hence improves cash flow.

Commenting on the launch of new features, Mr. Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems Limited, said, “Having launched a full-suite M&E and Aviation MRO software on the Cloud, our focus is towards adding specific features that can address the unique pain points of the Aviation industry. The three new features we have launched are aimed at enabling the end user to improve his/her performance. Aviation is a highly complex industry and our aim is to offer solutions that can simplify the user experience and help the user perform the task, better. As one of the leading providers of M&E software for the rotor segment, we hope to set a new benchmark in Aviation IT.”

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