Low Cost Airlines

Low Cost Carriers (LCC), the name itself signifies mode of commercial operations which calls for highly efficient work process with minimal investment. Frequent economic fluctuations and rapidly growing market competition necessitates Low Cost Carriers to stand different from other operators by maintaining airworthiness compliance and most importantly customer satisfaction.

Low Cost Carriers with these huge challenges are in need to maintain an integrated and simplified process for their Maintenance, Materials, Finance and Operations team who strive hard to bring down the Operational cost with limited and expensive manpower. This is achieved by implementing a robust and world class Maintenance & Engineering IT solution within short time span.

What we offer

Ramco Aviation Suite provides vertical-specific IT solutions to address end-to-end processes of the Aviation business with solution scope tailored for LCCs. With the help of highly experienced domain and subject matter experts Ramco Aviation Suite’s implementation proves effective and reliable work process change which is achieved in record time.

Ramco Aviation Suite covers entire Aviation operations for LCCs including Online Journey Reporting, Maintenance Planning, Line, Hangar & Shop Maintenance, Technical Records, Reliability, Procurement Management, Stores Operations and Financial Consolidations. Ramco Aviation Suite with state of the Art interfaces called “Workspaces” enables operators with available manpower to cover the entire process effectively without compromising on regulatory compliance. It also covers different flavors of Aircraft and Part contracts which are very unique and complex for LCCs when compared to Full Service operators.

In short Ramco Aviation Suite is a one stop solution for Low Cost Carriers which caters to different geographic locations with varying regulatory requirements without compromising the organization’s business goal.

Value Proposition

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