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With the emergence of a large number of people willing to work part-time or in temporary positions, the effective inclusion and efficient management of the contract workforce, also called contingent workforce, in any organization has gained importance. Businesses need applications that can help them address role-based staffing in a timely, cost-effective way thus achieving economies of scale.

This on-demand, part-time or temporary talent pool, sourced from either internal employee references or through external vendor agencies, job boards & human-cloud marketplaces, constitutes a mix of independent contractors, consultants, freelancers - seasonal workers (gig economy workforce), and subject matter experts (SME’s). While engaging with the contract workforce gives the flexibility to attract skilled expertise, address seasonal demands, or control labour costs, most companies are not ready for it from a geography-specific compliance standpoint. Ramco's Contract Workforce Management Solution can help you enforce proper control and enable complete management of every single worker that is a part of the ecosystem.

Power of One - Comprehensive Workforce Management

Workmen productivity

T&A leakage monitoring at the gate & shop floor
Identify your tardiness.

Statutory compliance

Availability of all statutory compliance reports for principle employee

Manpower planning

Right resources at the right time
Monitor absenteeism, replacements

Blacklisting contract workmen

Avoid contract workmen with poor discipline and performance, through pre screening

Exception handling

For Time & Attendance in case of erroneous machine

Attendance reconciliation

Reconcile and Approve attendance on a daily basis towards billing

With all of these critical to revenue generation features and innovations that matter to the business - supported out of the box, Ramco SRP emerges as the game-changing platform for staffing organizations in their successful business transformation

Addressing Complete Contract Workforce Management Lifecycle

Addressing Complete Contract Workforce Management Lifecycle

Benefits for Key Stakeholders


  • Electronic records of employee data for quick access
  • Digital onboarding of employees
  • Automated bulk data upload and processing
  • Easy PO allocation/tagging for contractual employees
  • Automated reconciliation of supplier invoices and remittance receipts
  • Comply to local statutory needs, Contract Labour Act, etc.
  • Plug revenue leakage of T&A captured at various levels
  • Audit trails enabled to monitor favouritism, leakage, patterns, etc.


  • One time registration with lifetime re-use
  • Automated gate pass generation
  • All employee data linked to one identification card
  • Workforce scheduling made easy
  • Real time visibility of employee productivity
  • Transparency in invoice generation
  • Reduced invoice and receivables cycle time
  • On demand compliance reports generation

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" A progressive combination of technology and innovation are key to the growth of any business today. In the staffing industry, it is important to ensure transparency in the processes, to build long-term engagement between the two most important stakeholders – the employee and the customer. By automating our processes through Ramco’s ERP for Service platform, we hope to enhance our offering of a strongly integrated value chain"

- Mr. Mahesh Shahdadpuri, Executive Director | TASC Outsourcing

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