Intelligent Visibility

With Command Centre acting as central control Towers

Through Command Center, the control towers in Ramco Logistics Software, we provide complete intelligent visibility of operations to LSPs. This covers real time visibility of assets; order visibility including revenue & visibility of disruptions or 'unexpected' events. Ramco's Command Center provides not mere visibility but ‘intelligent’ visibility, because the system does not stop with providing you visibility but also suggests the action to be taken. The Command Center accesses multiple sources of real-time data (operational, historical, transient, ecosystem), collates and processes relevant data, and through a forecasting engine provides effective options after scanning all influencers (from weather, driver safety rating, and statutory regulations to route traffic, load, and stakeholder impact). Ramco Command Center keeps the suppliers, partners and customers informed up-to-the-minute with timely and accurate data about the vehicle and shipment as they move through each stage of the supply chain.