As one of the leading providers of Enterprise Applications on Cloud, we believe that enterprise apps should be as dynamic and usable as consumer apps. It is this philosophy that led to the birth of our product strategy, which revolves around the concept of MUSIC.


All of Ramco’s products are designed for "Mobile first, Rest Later", thereby enabling business anytime, anywhere. You can carry the next generation business solution on your smartphone or tablet.

User Interface

The ‘U’ of mUsic puts the user at the center. Our focus on user interface makes our solutions simple, intuitive and engaging to use. A smart blend of presentation, transaction and analytics, Ramco’s WorkSpaces frees users from a maze of menus, and helps them manage information aesthetically. Wizard Interface enables users to create custom wizards too.


A socially connected enterprise becomes central to a Gen-Y workforce . Enabling and empowering your employees will enable them to connect with the customers as both of them use Social tools — the ‘S’ of muSic. Gamification too plays its part in managing talent, by engaging and motivating the workforce.


In an age where “speed” is the new norm, memory becomes the new disk. The ‘I’ of musIc stands for In-memory computing, an attribute, that simplifies the complex processes of planning, scheduling, resource optimization and cost minimization at lightning speeds. In-memory with Agent Technology takes care of processes, while human brains in the organization get to focus on running the business.
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Context aware

The ‘C’ of musiC puts the user’s context at the core. A context-aware application knows the user, the role of the user, his location , and the device from which it is being used. It is intelligent, intuitive and location aware.


MUSIC represents our product design philosophy and echoes our vision for all our products. Please note that all the elements mentioned above are indicative and may not be available in the current version of our products. Our product philosophy becomes our guiding principle in enabling these features as we go forward. To learn more, please read our terms of use.