Order to Cash

Step up your cash flow and watch your bottomline grow

Ramco ERP on the Cloud knows that an order won is only half the battle. It's not until the cash comes in that the transaction can be deemed complete. Without an effective O2C process in place, you lose available capital through increased errors in order-taking and order fulfillment, high DSO rates, and incurring long-term losses through customer defections.

Ramco's solution has been specifically designed to accelerate your revenue cycles. Its automated workflows take a pro-active approach right from converting quotes to orders to scheduling shipments, invoicing, and cash collection. The enhanced reporting and communications tools bring comprehensive visibility into your sales, in turn leading to better collaboration with customers, reduced receivables and outstanding, decreased order-to-cash processing costs, and accelerated financial collection cycles for optimal sales terms.

Ramco ERP on Cloud adds value to the Order to Cash process by:

  • Enabling increased collections through optimized workflow
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Mitigating risks
  • Reducing costly errors, decreasing receivables and DSOs
  • Supporting internal controls and ensuring compliance

Key takeaways

  • Maintain and track quotations submitted to customers
  • Assign individual customers and maintain sales targets for every sales person
  • Perform stock check during order booking, and commit an appropriate delivery date
  • Ensure prompt delivery through authorized pack slips and invoices
  • Handle various methods of sales such as drop ship sales and direct sales
  • Select an appropriate receipt method (Check / DD / Direct Debit / etc.), and also reward loyalty points for customer sales

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