Transforming HR Shared Services into Value-Driven Centers of Excellence

A Fireside Chat between FAI & Ramco


Sandeep Narayan

Vice President of Human Resources
First American


Paul Nikhil Prasad

Global Head of Payroll Operations,
Ramco Systems (Moderator)

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Are you looking for a seamless Workday HCM integration solution?

Welcome to an exclusive episode of our podcast, where we uncover comprehensive insights into optimizing HR Shared Services for maximum value, featuring a dynamic conversation between FAI and Ramco.

The Fireside Chat will explore FAI's transformative journey in turning HR Shared Services into value-driven centers of excellence at the 12th edition of the Shared Service Summit in Bangalore.

About FAI: First American (India) is a Global Capability Center (GCC) specializing in title insurance and based out of California. It is one of the Fortune 500 companies. It has been operating in India for over 27 years now, with a workforce of 5,000+ employees.

Ready to dive in?

Let's explore some key highlights together:
  • Embracing Technological Evolution: Unveil the journey of integrating Workday and Ramco, and the profound impact it had on the organization's HR processes.
  • Navigating Change Management: Gain insights on balancing costs, leveraging technology, and fostering an agile workforce in an ever-evolving landscape.
  • Enhancing Employee Experience: See the transformation unfold – from employee interfaces to self-service tools. Plus, get a glimpse of the exciting possibilities that cutting-edge technology holds.