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IT is never quite so simple as it seems. That’s because the needs of the average end-user tends to change by the day, and with it, the demand on the IT solution also changes. No product or application can therefore remain static. By its very nature, IT is dynamic and in need of constant intervention.

At Ramco, we understand this only too well. We don’t stop with offering solutions to our clients: instead, our support services are geared to help them out beyond the implementation stage. Ramco understands the mission-critical nature of your IT investments.

Reliable support, backed by unparalleled investment in product and service enhancements, helps you maintain business strength and competitiveness over time.

Ramco Product Support Services ensures that you are always getting the best from our product. Our global support system spans 35 countries. From providing adequate training to supporting you with exemplary customer service, Ramco ensures that you realize the full potential of the product that you have invested in. Services offered include Online Technical Team Support, Online Self Assisted Support and Offline Support. Additionally, Ramco provides administration support, supplemental helpdesk services, besides supporting upgrades and new releases.

Ramco Application Management Services runs and manages all the IT applications of its clients, post-implementation. It brings in requisite technology expertise and plays an active role in adapting and using the system within the client organization. It owns the IT helpdesk and all related aspects of the ERP ranging from problem capture to its resolution. Services provided include Help Desk Services, Change Management Services, Extension Development Support and Peak Period Support.

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