Managing time and attendance in today's global and mobile scenario can be quite a challenge for most organisations. You need a solution that will help you establish your virtual presence across geographies, enabling your employees to connect with you from anywhere and allowing you to track their attendance and the time they spent at work.

Tracking time and attendance of the employees is very important, as it forms the basis for many HR activities like Payroll, Administration, and so on. Conventionally used time and attendance mapping systems such as Biometric and Swipe cards are limited in scope, high on investment and do not scale to the needs of a geographically dispersed workforce. Ramco offers a choice of innovative technology enabled Time & Attendance tracking applications for Australian businesses including Facial Recognition as well as GPS + NFC based attendance management systems.

Towards a Touchless Attendance System

Move over finger based biometrics and unhygienic plastic based access cards - mark attendance in the most hygienic and efficient way possible

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What do these features mean for your organization?

Schedule Management

Automated Time & Attendance tracking

Anytime, anywhere access

Absence and overtime tracking

Face is the new ID

Welcome to the world of hassle-free, intelligent and foolproof facial recognition technology!

You can now access any of your office location globally with just a smile.

Say cheese to RamcoGEEK!

The facial recognition-based attendance system technology removes the need for any clicks, logins or ID cards and takes only seconds for any employee to register attendance.

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Time Management


Simplifying User Experience With Innovation


Powered with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, Chatbots with built-in intelligence ensure the users have a natural and engaging conversation assisting in enterprise tasks


Reduce HR Support cost and allow users to transact with the HCM system over email


Simplified User Experience allowing users to get actionable insights around payroll readiness and salary processing in a single screen. Visualize multi-country payroll operations from a central Hub


No queues, no clicks, no IDs. The camera recognises an employee's face, grants access and marks attendance instantly

Complementary Modules Built on Common Platform


Manage Global workforce from employee administration, movements & exits to enabling travel & expense management all from an intuitive and seamless system.

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Keep your promise of paying your employees the right pay at the right time, across regions. Ramco offers one Global Payroll platform to manage Payroll across Japan, China, ANZ, APAC, India, Middle East, Africa, U.K. & Ireland.

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24/7 Customer Service Team

Get support from a team that is committed to ensuring that all software solutions run at peak performance. Benefit from a team of experienced engineers and support staff well-equipped to resolve any technical issue. You can connect with us regarding any query related to our HR solutions related to time management system and employee attendance system. Our Australian customers can reach us at –

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