Ramco IP3 Framework

For many years, customers have used their own technology platforms that vendors use to deliver services. As they get caught with legacy issues relating to antiquated platforms, a section of them have started insisting that vendors should invest and own a platform and deliver services through them.

Today IP3 (Infrastructure, Product, Process and People) framework is emerging as an innovative service delivery model, where in end-to-end processes are offered as "Managed Services". Managed Services involves delivering value to the customer on a standardized, best of the breed business platform like ERP, hosted, managed and maintained by the service provider.

In the (IP3) framework, the product portion enables enterprises to leverage the best business practices in the respective domain, and the same is also delivered as services. This bundling of technology, process and people helps in synergistic value creation, delivers transformational value on a global scale. IP3 is technology innovation, process optimization and centralization at its best.

Benefits of IP3 framework

In an IP3 framework, the service providers use the optimal combination of technology, process excellence and human resources to deliver high quality service. The critical success factors for IP3 framework include:

  • Reduced CAPEX
  • Complete SLAs
  • Multiple risk points mitigation
  • Delivery expertise
  • World-class delivery platform possession
  • Business Process expertise

In addition to the higher value creation, IP3 framework helps customers to move from a CAPEX to OPEX model. Depending on where an organization is in terms of process, people and technology maturity, savings between 20 to 40 percent on operational costs is possible by embracing IP3 framework.

Few companies like Ramco has the IP3 based BPO services that spans an enterprise function needs. Including human resource management systems, procurement and analytics, application outsourcing and product development outsourcing.

Ramco’s unique proposition:

The (IP3) framework is entirely owned by Ramco. World over, we are among the very few companies who have the (IP3) framework advantage. This framework helps organizations to switch models; from BPO to Licensing to Hosting.

This switching model gives the organization flexibility to decide on the 'right solution' for its 'right costing' exercise. Ramco is also extending its BPO services in the core areas like product development tools.

Since 2006, Ramco Systems is ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) compliant for the effective implementation and continual improvement of information security services. ISMS is a systematic approach to managing sensitive company information so that it remains secure and covers the (IP3) framework. Ramco develops its own product, in compliance with ISO and CMMi standards for BPO services.

Furthermore, industry reputed auditors also audit Ramco's BPO for SAS 70 compliance periodically. This ensures that both the payroll processing controls and IT generic controls employed by us address security requirements comprehensively.

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