Oracle Payroll Connect integration with Ramco Multi-country Payroll
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Discover a Frictionless Employee Experience

Organizations globally strive to offer a seamless HR and Payroll Experience to their employees.

Ramco & Oracle have mutually invested to make this a native integration so that the employees can access their payslips within Oracle Cloud HCM , powered by Ramco Global Payroll.  

This native integration through Oracle Payroll Connect enables

  • All Payroll Inputs ( from Oracle Cloud HCM)  passed to Ramco Payroll solution through Real-time API s ( including new hire process)
  • All Employee Payslips, Statutory & Payroll Reports back to Oracle Cloud HCM , after payroll processing from Ramco Payroll Solution

As the Ramco Payroll solution is also hosted on Oracle Cloud, it lends itself to a frictionless employee experience

Global Payroll across 50+ Countries

Ramco Global Payroll enables organisations to comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements across 50+ countries besides driving harmonization of global payroll processes on a single platform. The solution also leverages its Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning (AI/ML) capabilities to identify anomalies in payroll processing, automatically derive reasons for these anomalies using a reasoning engine, thereby enabling the payroll team to focus only on outliers and boost productivity. Ramco Global Payroll’s pre-built and native integration with Oracle Cloud HCM enables enterprises to drive their global HR & payroll transformation programs holistically.


Seamless Data flow


Drive your HR & Payroll Transformation seamlessly

Powered by Ramco Global Payroll & Oracle Cloud HCM

Enhanced Data Integrity

The native integration increases productivity and reduces errors improving user experience with a more intuitive end to end process

Stronger Compliance

Ensure compliant payroll processing across 50+ countries by implementing updates to country specific statutory payroll requirements

Flexible Delivery Models

Flexible options across in-house payroll (Cloud Platform) , Managed Payroll Services (Outsourcing) or a Hybrid Model of Payroll delivery.

Intelligent Payroll

Anomaly Detection along with Reasoning engine infused with AI & ML catapults payroll productivity through automation.

Workforce Engagement

Enable Employees with a single self service user experience for payslips, payroll reports etc.

Unified Platform

All Statutory & Compliances across 50+ countries in a Unified Platform

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