Advanced Cloud Based Payroll Software Systems

Keep your promise of paying your employees the right pays at the right time, across regions. Overcome the hurdle of constant payroll updates - from tax to regulatory changes - through an organized system. With integrated Core HR, Time & Attendance and Expense modules, Ramco offers a Cloud Based Global Payroll Software that can be deployed on-cloud, on-premise or as a managed service offering. With Ramco, you get to save money on outsourcing payroll activities.

Ramco’s Global Payroll software does most of the heavy lifting for enterprises grappling with payroll management challenges. Like outsourced payroll services, our payroll software needs minimal input from the employer, such as the basic employee wage information and hours. The software can take care of most of the tricky calculations and withholdings; it also gets automatic updates after any changes in tax laws. Our payroll systems can also fill out employment tax forms and set reminders for filing them.

  • Create organization-specific rules
  • Define your business logic for Earnings, Deductions, Bonus, Arrears, Leave and Attendance
  • Stay compliant to standardized practices across geographical locations
  • Take into consideration variances within individual, local geographies
  • Deal with multi-element, multi-decimal, multi-currency, and multi-country payroll
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Global Payroll Solution

Enjoy a no-sweat experience on staying well-informed about changing regulatory requirements across 60+ countries covering

  • Asia/Pacific: Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, China, Macau, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal, Japan, Brunei, and Cambodia
  • Middle East and Africa: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Cyprus, Turkey, Sudan, Republic of S. Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Algeria, and Mauritius
  • Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and East Timor
  • Europe: United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Americas: US
global payroll solution

With Ramco Cloud Payroll Software, manage your distributed workforce in an accurate, timely, secure and flexible manner. Give your employees the benefit of a Multi-lingual Employee Self Service (ESS) delivered in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Arabic. Replace your inefficient, legacy systems with our payroll processing expertise.

Features of Ramco Global Payroll Solution


Manage Global workforce from employee administration, movements & exits to enabling travel & expense management all from an intuitive and seamless system

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Fully integrated Time and Attendance module - which supports multiple time entry modes such as swipe cards, bio devices, online data input, NFC and facial biometric based attendance

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Our Global Customers

Over two decades of experience and a global presence has enabled Ramco to create effective business solutions. Our cloud payroll software improves accuracy and saves time, it is also affordable and highly intuitive. Cost efficient and easy to scale, our payroll software is ideal for all kind of businesses.

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A payroll software system enables a specialized collection of data, instructions, and applications that can organize, maintain and process employee payments. Ramco payroll can be installed on-premises or accessed via cloud. Payroll software that is robust, comprehensive, and thoroughly designed can help businesses stay in accordance with legislations and other financial obligations while also lowering costs.

The benefits of Ramco payroll can be best reaped by companies with an employee strength of 2000 or more. The AI and ML-based global payroll solution can help mid-sized to large-sized organizations navigate payroll complexities around varied workforce, spread across geographies who need to be paid in different currencies.

Payroll software can ensure that employees get paid the correct amount, on time and via the payment mode selected. Timely payment helps employees feel financially secure about their workplace. Employees also get to ensure the authenticity of information by checking their payment records and updating individual information and payment selections via user-friendly tools. Via the platform provided by the software, employees can receive quick answers to any questions, reducing their time spent in solving their queries.

For businesses dealing with payroll management issues, Ramco's global payroll software carries out much of the heavy lifting. Our payroll software requires minimum input from the employer, such as essential employee wage data and hours. The software can handle the most complicated calculations and allowances; it can also receive immediate updates for any changes in tax regulations. Our payroll systems can also fill up and remind employees to file their employment tax forms.

Ramco’s payroll software can help businesses deal with regulatory requirements across 50+ countries covering

  • Asia/Pacific: Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, and Japan among others.
  • Middle East and Africa: Turkey, Kuwait, Kenya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Republic of S. Africa, and Nigeria among others.
  • Oceania: Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and East Timor.
  • Europe: The United Kingdom and Ireland.
  • Americas: US.
Now is your chance to re-define employee experience by integrating Ramco Global Cloud Payroll, Time & Attendance, and HR into a single platform that can be used across the world!

Yes, it does. Now, you can concentrate on your employees instead of maneuvering around processes or thinking about future developments with our HR & Payroll management software.

The payroll scene is shifting, and businesses are now opting for cloud-based services that bypass any time-consuming procedures involving installations and maintenance. Lower costs, better payroll processing, access to some of the latest software and company data – these are some of the benefits of Ramco’s cloud-based payroll software. Also, via a cloud system, all the data gets updated in real-time and is centralized, letting HR, finance and payroll professionals easily collaborate and manage finances. This can improve the speed and accuracy of payroll processing.

Ramco has created successful business solutions in the last two decades. Our cloud payroll software enhances reliability and improves efficiency, while also being cost-effective and user-friendly. Additionally, our payroll software is cost-effective and easy to scale, making it appropriate for all types of organizations.