Businesses are subject to economic cycles. They are expected to deliver on their commitment to their shareholders irrespective of market conditions. In a down swing, businesses are forced to cut costs, work with reduced support staff etc. Topline growth through existing and new venues remains a challenge at all times. Among the many levers that businesses would want to utilize to achieve their goals, Workforce Management is a critical component.

Matching skills availability with demand is the challenge in question. With its rich features, an integrated HCM such as Ramco's solution is better equipped to provide for such requirements. Processes such as Competency Maps, Time Management, multiple Employee Assignment, Recruitment, and Training present users with an opportunity to use a framework of logically linked processes that help them bridge the gap between demand and supply of skilled Human Resources.


Know your employees in person while they are on an assignment (the employee file / service register). Capture more than 450 discrete pieces of information about the employee through pre-built functions (personal, dependents, skills, training just to name a few).


Enable HR functions such as transfers, promotions, and deputations. This will be very helpful when it comes to changing an employee's assignment and moving them across positions, grades, or locations. All relevant history is maintained for future references and analysis.


Ramco HCM's Travel Management feature provides your employees with an end-to-end facility to manage their travel — from the time they plan their travel and solicit approvals to finally filing for expense claims for reimbursement

Complementary modules built on common platform


Fully integrated Time and Attendance module - which supports multiple time entry modes such as swipe cards, bio devices, online data input, NFC and facial biometric based attendance


Keep your promise of paying your employees the right pay at the right time, across regions. Ramco offers one Global Payroll platform to manage Payroll across Japan, China, ANZ, APAC, India, Middle East, Africa, U.K. & Ireland.


The comprehensive Pandemic Control System enables safe office entry, contact tracing, mask detection and safe distancing to ensure workplace safety and business continuity


Digital Managed Payroll Services automates payroll, leverages chatbot to answer payroll queries, and offers powerful analytics to help you efficiently manage multi-country payroll

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