Are disparate payroll systems and HR processes holding you back from focusing on your digital transformation journey? Varying organisational structures and multiple systems, coupled with regionally driven people management policies and financial regulations make integrated payroll management and payroll outsourcing a complicated process.

It is time for you to leverage digitally managed payroll services that provides a unified platform with emerging technologies such as RPA, AI, Machine Learning and advanced analytics to help your businesses with scalability, security and productivity enhancements – across your global operations.

Top Benefits of Ramco’s Digital Managed Payroll Services for Malaysia


Leverage our Intelligent Chatbot to address employee queries around Payroll, Leave, Expense or Approvals


Payroll outsourcing that ensures error-free and accurate payroll processing with AI-enabled, automated payroll solution that aids data validation and anomaly detection


Enhance employee experience with (Voice, BOT, Mail, Mobile Support to process queries, service requests, deliver SPOC instructions for speedy resolution


Enable powerful insights from employee data for improving employee satisfaction, enabling payroll process improvement, and many more


Segment-wise, role-based reporting for improved business insights and informed decision making


Pre-built integrations with leading HR / ERP systems for seamless data flow

Secure and integrated payroll processing across geographies

The offerings of Ramco Payroll services coupled with our shared process management services and decade-long experience in multi-country payroll management give you the unmatched advantage of experience and expertise to help you meet your business objectives in Malaysia and abroad.

  • Centralize Payroll operations across your offices to push automation efforts, significantly reducing training time and investments
  • Improve employee engagement and response rate to queries with intelligent chatbots
  • Modern Cloud Infrastructure
  • RISK FREE Partner offering Interoperable model from Outsourcing to insourcing without any loss on data or process
  • Proven Large-scale Processing Experience – 2.4Mn Paystubs processed every month

Payroll Helpdesk & Service Management – Gain the Digital Advantage


Our detailed and comprehensive service management approach comprises of an employee-driven self-service approach and a dedicated service desk for unresolved escalations requiring resolution. The integrated service management module of our payroll services provides granular data, tracking inputs, defects, queries and escalations along with customer responses across various parameters. These include the mode of escalation, frequency, accountability and expected impact, giving management a bird’s eye view of the issues at hand and intervention required to course correct the process for smoother operations.


Our integrated Service Request and Incident Management process leverages AI enabled technology platforms including Chatbot, Mobile App, Mail IT, delivering a comprehensive and efficient approach to resolve customer issues. While L1 escalations are addressed through automated interfaces, L2 and L3 escalations are forwarded onto the service desk for speedy, timed resolution, offering uninterrupted connectivity and support, without the worry of downtime.

Fulfill Your Payroll Needs

You have the flexibility to choose between managing your existing in-house payroll system or moving to our comprehensive solution, enabling your business with functionalities specifically customized to your needs.

Overcome the hurdle of constant payroll updates - from tax to regulatory changes - through a systematic system. The solution also integrates Core HR, Time & Attendance and Expense modules, and helps create organization-specific rules for seamless scalability and ease of management.

A unified interface accessible via multiple touchpoints allows you to define your own business logic for Earnings, Deductions, Bonus, Arrears, Leave and Attendance to stay compliant to standardized practices across geographical locations.

The configurable system also allows you to consider variances within individual, local geographies and deal with multi-element, multi-decimal, multi-currency, and multi-country payroll. At the same time, transparent, audit-friendly processes reduce manual error.

Our global delivery mode gives you access to the best technology and resources, helping you reap the benefits of shared services solutions and improve efficiencies while you focus on your core business objectives.

The mobile-friendly and device agnostic solution enables anytime, anywhere access, facilitating multi-tasking and business on-the-go. All the employees alike will have 24x7x365 access to critical payroll information and data, helping you stay focused on business priorities.

Ramco Payroll Methodology

IP3 Framework – Our IP3 (Infrastructure, Product, Process and People) framework offers end-to-end processes as “Managed Payroll Services” by optimally combining technology, process excellence and human resources. The innovative service delivery model helps you leverage best business practices in your domain. Benefits of the IP3 framework include:

  • Reduced CapEx by moving to an Opex model, saving 20-40% on operational costs
  • Complete SLAs
  • Multiple risk points mitigation
  • Delivery expertise
  • World-class delivery platform
  • Business process expertise

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Our Global Customers


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Managed payroll services refer to partial or complete outsourcing of your payroll function to a payroll service provider who will take care of your payroll function end to end or within the scope defined. After taking inputs from organizations on employee data, pay rate and hours worked, payroll vendor will manage payroll processes like monthly payroll calculations, timely salary payments, year-end taxes and more.

In the rapid paced statutory changing environment, managing payroll has become extremely complex. Large enterprises dealing with varied workforce and evolving workplaces with multiple pay cycles for thousands of pay components, processing payroll independently is a mammoth’s task. Also, Covid has accelerated the need for organizations to outsource payroll as a part of Business Contingency Planning (BCP) to stay away from any payroll penalties. To meet all these requirements, you can rely on Ramco’s future ready global payroll managed services.

Powered by AI enabled payroll platform across 100+ Countries, Ramco Global Payroll Managed Services offers the following key benefits:
• Accurate and error free payroll automation embedded with data validation and anomaly detection
• Intelligent automated helpdesk in the form of Ramco CHIA to address leave, expense, payroll related queries automatically eliminating manual responses and errors resulting in uplifted employee experience
• Enhanced payroll process efficiency and meaningful insights from employee data
• Pre-built integrations with leading HR / ERP systems for seamless data flow and creating a truly unified HR tech ecosystem

The benefits of Ramco payroll can be best reaped by companies with an employee strength of 2000 or more. The AI and ML-based global payroll solution can help mid-sized to large-sized organizations navigate payroll complexities around varied workforce, spread across geographies who need to be paid in different currencies.

In our 25+ years of experience delivering transformative managed payroll services we have witnessed that “one size fits all” approach never works when it comes to payroll requirements. Different companies have different needs based on number of employees, geographic spread, existing solutions being leveraged, etc. Our costing is derived based on these factors once we arrive at a tailor-made solution specific to the organization’s needs and is at par with the marketplace.

Ramco Global Payroll enables organizations to comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements across 100+ countries besides driving harmonization of all global payroll processes and operations on a single unified platform.

Your HR and payroll admins can leverage Our integrated Service Request and Incident Management process leverages AI enabled technology platforms including Chatbot, Mobile App, Mail IT, delivering a comprehensive and efficient approach to resolve customer issues. End users can experience frictionaless service as L1 escalations are addressed through automated interfaces and L2 & L3 escalations are forwarded onto the service desk for speedy, timed resolution, offering uninterrupted connectivity and support, without the worry of downtime.


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