Full service airlines deal with multiple flight operations, thousands of customers and millions of dollars in expenditure & revenue. They handle a large amount of data to manage their complex and rigorous requirements of Fleet maintenance that needs a large system to manage everything or a suite of ‘Best of the breed’ systems that integrate seamlessly.

Ramco Aviation suite addresses this need of airlines (Civil & Defense operators) to manage, improve and expand their business processes to maximize productivity at lower costs by improving visibility and control across departments. The pre-built solution focusses on enforcing discipline by channeling consistent information across business functions to help improve decision making.



The Suite is a business process-oriented web-centric solution that can be installed On-Premises to optimize the internal infrastructure, or on-Cloud within a secure, modern and reliable delivery framework, which does not call for a significant upfront investment in infrastructure.

Ramco Aviation Suite covers the entire spectrum of maintenance operations—from maintenance planning to line, hangar, shop and engine maintenance, reliability and engineering, and technical records. It also provides efficiencies in Human Resource Management, Purchasing, Inventory, Warranty, Maintenance, Financials, Third Party Maintenance and Sales. Its integrated business intelligence tools allow you to measure, monitor and manage with the help of advanced analytics.

Regardless of new customer or market demands, the Ramco Aviation Series 5 Suite is designed to easily expand and adapt to accommodate new or changing business processes.

Features and Benefits

Completely Integrated M&E Solution

Advanced Visibility For Effective Planning

Maintenance Personnel Work Made Easy

Intuitive Workspaces

Power By Hours & Materials Contract Management

Increase Adherence To Regulatory Compliance


Value Proposition

  • Effective process improvements, operational control and cost management
  • Track the life of aircrafts and their components, proactively, with precision
  • Conveniently comply with regulatory report submission requirements by leveraging the pre-built system functionality
  • Canned and user customizable reports available meet standard periodic and monthly reporting requirements for EASA; DGAC; CAA; FAA and JAR amongst others
  • Operate seamlessly with your supplier-Spec 2000 and other e-business models for Procurement as well as Repair
  • Integrated process across departments which increase operational efficiency and ensures no human errors
  • Robust solution that provides flexible commercials and contract structuring
  • Instant reliability report generation for effective performance monitoring
  • Conveniently comply with regulatory report submission requirements by leveraging the pre-built system functionality
  • User friendly and intuitive application interfaces which guides users to perform transactions even during time-crunched situations
  • LEAN Model accelerated implementation timelines ensures faster reaping of benefits

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