How Ramco Logistics Software helps Parcel Delivery / Courier Service Providers

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As a Parcel Delivery / Courier Service Provider, you are expected to deliver consignments quick and safe. In the world of increasing e-commerce deliveries the expectation from you is only increasing with each passing day. In these market conditions, you would have to increase your yield to make the maximum use of resources that you have deployed. This is critical for satisfying your customer requirements profitably, which is what we help you with.

Our key benefits to you include:

  • Improving your responsiveness to customers
  • Boost your on time deliveries
  • Maximize yield from your network
  • Have the ability to serve the Omni channel world
  • Reduce your total cost of operations
  • Improve your customer satisfaction

Ramco Logistics Suite is modular in nature & includes Transportation Management, Order Management, Fleet Management, Hub Management & Billing solutions. In addition, our suite is tightly integrated with our globally recognized HCM and Finance modules. This integrates all functional aspects of your organization and provides seamless workflow to create one unified processing & analysis interface. A snapshot of our solution offering to the Parcel Delivery / Courier Service Providers is given above.

Know more about our modules and benefits. If you are Courier Service Providers looking to improve your efficiency and profits, let us know now.