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"If you fail to plan you are planning to fail," these words are most relevant for project managers, who are often faced with challenges such as tight timelines, communication disconnect, environment and goal-related dynamics, burgeoning costs, and operational opaqueness. No wonder most organizations are realizing the importance of adopting an intelligent project management solution that automates the project management cycle while at the same time keeping a tab on related costs.

Ramco Project management is the most effective and intelligent solution available to address the requirements related to effective project management and drive operational excellence. The application offers the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques required to manage and account projects in order to meet or exceed stakeholder expectations.

Ramco offers holistic Project Management & Accounting

Project Administration

Define, record and administer details pertaining to men and resources involved in the execution of the project

  • Drive the Project Methodically. Administer your project resources end-to-end
  • Define and record all key resources (Man and Machine) involved in the project
  • Define access rights for people involved in the project to ensure user level security and restrict unauthorized access

Project Planning

Effectively plan for your project so that you can define multiple tasks of a project / sub project in a planned sequence of execution

  • Plan ahead of the project and avoid resource leakage and time wastage
  • Effectively define multiple tasks of a project/sub project in a planned sequence of execution
  • Easily record tasks that need to be subcontracted through the same window of the module

Project Tracking

Track all resources and performance of individuals involved in the execution of a project against the pre-defined parameters and goals

  • Record and track details related to project progress, resource performance, milestones achieved, effectively
  • Map expected results against the actual results for effective resource performance analysis
  • Identify and analyze the issues and risks involved in the project and deal with them proactively

Project Billing

Projects can be classified based on its nature such as Generic or Construction, or based on its size as Small, Medium or Big, or further can even be classified as Billable or Non- billable. With Ramco Project Management solution you can define cost centers related to your project

  • Define cost centers and billable & non- billable attributes related to your project
  • Calculate overall project costs as well as classified costs such as task-wise, milestone-wise, resource-wise costs

Project Accounting

Map cost group to account codes for consolidating the project expenses and revenues

  • Define project budgets
  • Consolidate expenses and revenues and record account-based project budgets
  • Record funds received against a project whether a fund can be used for the entire project or partially

Project Profitability

Ascertain task-wise, resource-wise performance or overall performance of the project by comparing actual versus planned expenses, actual revenue with forecasted revenue and actual profitability against planned profitability to analyze profitability percentage

  • Generate your project’s performance report card to ascertain your projects’ or sub-projects’ profitability, or task-wise/resource-wise profitability
  • Measure profitability, objectively, by comparing actual versus planned expenses, actual revenue with forecasted revenue and actual profitability against planned profitability

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