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Shaking up The Status Quo


Innovation is the buzzword of the day, but Ramco redefines disruption. Instead of a linear cause and effect, at Ramco we transform the entire ecosystem at a cellular level. Each node takes on a life of its own to test the limits of boundaries, concepts and approaches. The end result is a comprehensive and integrated solution that far transcends the original problem statement. It is greater than the sum of its parts. This agile, adaptable 'amoeba' is what powers Ramco Systems. It's why we beat the industry giants. It’s how our team transcends platforms, skill sets and cultures to redefine the status quo every day.


Five Nodes of Disruption



AI & ML based Intelligent ERP is here

In this constantly changing business environment, organizations need to respond to unfamiliar, unexpected and unforeseen changes with data-backed decisions. Unfortunately, legacy systems are not equipped to address this need as they are tuned to be fed with data rather than presenting meaningful information for the user to act upon.

With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we are leveraging behavioral analysis and prediction to reduce data entry and train the model to arrive at intelligent predictions.

The AI engine will predict any anomaly thus averting over or under payment by organizations. Errors due to incorrect data entry or fraudulent claim will be detected at source. This is a new paradigm in Enterprise applications era with the onset of a ‘Self-validating ERP system’.

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Node 2


Voice Assistants, Gesture Computing and AI-Driven chatbots are coming to your office. We’re building an interactive world where our RamcoGEEK Software automatically marks time and attendance when you walk into a room. Our frictionless technology gets rid of the clutter and delivers stress-free, engaging, employee-centric experiences. Let’s deep dive.


Despite its popularity in the consumer sector, voice-based services are yet to get mainstream for initiatives to digitise workplaces. Ramco is an early mover in the use of voice-based assistants on Google Assistant or Alexa to automate everyday administrative functions so that ERP and HR users can focus on the strategic tasks. Ramco offers Voice UI functionality for regular transactions such as accessing payslips and leave balance, raising purchase requests or even booking time sheet.


T&A has come a long way, from traditional bookkeeping to cloud-enabled automation. Today, the next generation facial recognition technology has real world applications that are revolutionizing not just Time & Attendance, but also several sectors. FACE is now the new ID!

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We are entering the era of conversational UI and Bots are all set to transform the way organisations are currently interacting with their applications. Bots will help increase productivity, improve efficiency of the employees and save them valuable resources and time. With bots doing all the routine tasks, humans can utilise their energy on more critical tasks and get a lot more done in a shorter time.

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Building an API based Global Ecosystem

In an age of collaboration and asset sharing, our forward API Strategy and our world- Class partner network are key to Ramco’s success

API strategy is the way forward - and a great API seamlessly unifies disparate services in a way that brings new value to companies and customers alike. Business APIs are the backbone of cognitive computing, IoT, blockchain and more.

Ramco creates flexible, next-generation API solutions with comprehensive functions, packaged with cloud, mobile and bots from our team and technology partners (RamcoGeek is built with a Microsoft API!) for digital transformation. Our API is capable of connecting to third-party data sources for a fully integrated user experience - offering an experience that is complete yet refreshingly simple. For the API economy, we believe the future is limitless.

Node 4


Platforms like Amazon and Uber bring consumers and sellers together on one platform. We’re taking this to the enterprise with a decentralised marketplace that brings together manufacturers, suppliers and customers. Clients can source for skills, parts or any share-able resources by any parameter they need, with real-time visibility of availability without going through piles of data. This architecture works for aviation, staffing or any other industry, ensuring fast turnaround that keeps the wheels of the enterprise turning.

Applying the federated architecture model to a platform-based software usage results in the birth of BPaaS or Business Platform as a Service. At Ramco, we take our Multi-country Payroll platform to partners who leverage it to offer Payroll services to their clients. Some of our BPaaS Payroll partners include, EY, Deloitte, KPMG and more.

For instance, it is believed that the Aviation spare part industry is cluttered either with suppliers like OEMs, Licensed Part Manufacturers, PMAs, Part Traders, Part Locator Services etc., or, with the Airlines and MROs that use these parts. In the quest to bring in innovative and new technologies that can tackle this fundamental problem, Ramco Part Anywhere Solution connects OEMs, MROs, Part Distributors, Exchanges to provide visibility of the parts, repair capacity & resources to operators across the ecosystem and at the same time will give them the same visibility across the ecosystem on a real-time basis. Also - AOG desks, store clerks, planners or mechanics can just send an SMS/email / chat with the BOT or just call a Hotline - to get instant updates on stock on the go. All this is enabled with advanced Ramco APIs that can connect with other ERP systems as well.


Node 5


Work doesn’t have to be complicated. Ramco untangles business through workforce management solutions that intelligently anticipate user needs. How? Our fool-proof, omni-channel ZERO UI – powered by simple voice and text message input – which doesn’t even need a login, but is fully secure. From calendar planning to part requests and leave applications, ZERO UI integrates and streamlines daily transactions across all platforms, giving employees time for what really matters in life.

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With more than 75 million Internet of Things (IoT) devices expected to be connected by 2025, how can we use artificial intelligence (AI) and similar technologies to transform business and impact lives? Sophisticated AI can translate data into process automation in order to take customised, context-driven action in real time.


Tags can be tuned to an organization’s geography, industry, business line and its priorities. And since they are simple and easy to maintain, they stay relevant to an organization’s current context.


An on-screen real-time visibility of Skills across Internal & external sources which enables automated sourcing actions for Skill Discovery thereby connecting Multiple ecosystems.