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ERP for Facility Management Services Industry

Introducing a game-changing Facility Management Solution that operates like an ecosystem, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their operations. Our FM Solution seamlessly integrates various organizational functions into a holistic network, creating an interconnected web of operations that flow together seamlessly.

A solution that just FITS

Ramco Facility Management Services ERP has been specifically tailor-made to support the 'soft' and 'hard' service needs of your industry, which is the right fit for you.


Flexible to another level

Modular solution purpose-built for the FM industry


Insightful mobility

Mobile apps for instant work reporting and inspections on-the-go


Transparent tracking

Track resource allocation and work completion status in real time


Scalable like your business

Scale up users, transactions and service providers as your business grows.

A comprehensive Framework

We help you optimize your operations, collaborate with your ecosystem and maximize returns from your assets.

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The intuitive, problem-solving ERP you’ve been waiting for

You know your business inside-out. We help you see it outside-in. Our software helps you get a 360-degree view of your core business areas with a click of a button.

Services Management

Our Facility Management Software offers a 360-degree view of your operations at a click. It transforms your deep internal understanding into actionable insights, enabling proactive decisions, spotting optimization chances, and ensuring smooth facility and asset management.

The problem statement

Facility managers struggle with issues like service-based contracting, invoice generation and collection, contract maintenance, real-time work tracking, revenue leakage, and customer experience.

The solution

Our FM Solution helps with contract management, online attendance tracking, cost-effective operation management and monitoring customer complaints, while giving you real time site-level visibility.

Services Management

Ecosystem Management

The problem statement

Collaboration between an ecosystem of customers, franchisees and subcontractors is the key to success for an FM company. Organizational boundaries mean real-time visibility into contracts, service orders and customer complaints can be a challenge.

The solution

Our solution ensures transparency and collaboration by providing dedicated customer and service provider portals. Customers can track important service requests and tickets, while service providers can monitor assigned work orders.

eco system

Asset Management

The problem statement

Facilities require smooth functioning assets but managing them can raise issues such as tracking real-time asset condition, scheduling preventive maintenance, managing spare parts inventory, and organizing tool availability.

The solution

Our end-to-end solution manages all phases of the asset lifecycle, thus lowering the total cost of ownership while extending the life of assets. Organizations can optimize productivity, monitor critical assets, plan need-based stock requirement and manage expenses efficiently.

asset mangement

For effortless savings...


reduction in customer enquiries using Customer Portals


eduction in direct vendor enquiries using Vendor Portals


increase in customer satisfaction score


of annual revenue saved through digitization and automation

Services where Ramco can make a difference

Construction Builds

Operations and Maintenance

Facade Cleaning Services

Guarding Services

Janitorial Services


Energy Management

Landscaping Services

MEP and Hard Services

HVAC Services

Your FMS Digital Transformation starts here!

At Ramco, our solution suite enables the real estate, maintenance, security and hospitality industries to use state of the art technology, to create a seamless value chain.

fms-Service-Provider-Assignment Streamlining operations with system-assisted assignment of work orders, services and inspections to franchisees and subcontractors

fms-customer-portal Empowering the customers with a digital experience of creation, tracking and monitoring of orders and service requests.

fms-vendor-portal Providing a seamless vendor experience by enabling them to place supply orders, approve service requests and track progress at sites.

fms-mobility Mobile reporting of inspections, services and work orders on-the-go, to help managers and decision-makers take operational and strategic decisions based on real-time data and insights.

Ramco’s Facility Management Software revolutionizes facility management in industries like real estate, maintenance, security, hospitality and industrial. It optimizes operations, enhances efficiency, and ensures cohesive workflows, enabling businesses to streamline processes, allocate resources efficiently, and maintain proactively for superior service delivery.

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