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Ramco VirtualWorks® is a tested and proven Enterprise Cloud Computing platform that enables development of multi-tenant, robust and scalable web-enabled solutions. Based on a technology- independent, SOA architecture, it protects past investments and current infrastructure.

It is a model-based, collaborative approach that uses over a 1,000 ready-to-use business services, as well as freshly developed business components. This flexibility means that Ramco VirtualWorks® can help you configure and alter your solution on the go.

Ramco VirtualWorks® provides tools and facilities to develop and deliver unique solutions on the cloud.

Model-driven development platform

Ability to change on demand, re-use of assets
Ramco VirtualWorks®(RVW) enables organizations to assemble global-class applications rather than engineer them. It follows a Model, Develop, Catalog and Reuse metaphor, whereby model-driven applications are composed, not coded, using existing or newly created business assets that adapt and scale with IT infrastructure. The platform enables process model blueprinting, User Interface modeling, Web Services development, BPEL support, legacy modernization Coding automation and test automation.

Business Services Repository

Faster time-to-benefit

An integral part of Ramco VirtualWorks®,the Business Services Repository (BSR), comprises 1000+ ready-to-use business services that cover a range of verticals and business processes. You can jump start your IT solution with these pre-built components that reflect proven and best business practices.

SOA based Enterprise Solution Architecture

Composite, technology-neutral applications that protect your investment

Enterprise solutions that are delivered using the RVW platform is based on SOA standards. The uniform, non-proprietary multi-layer architecture works with all technologies and infrastructure platforms. The platform is designed for composing enterprise-class applications in quick time by leveraging the business services repository and creating new ones for easy and rapid reuse, with the highest level of software quality.

Implementation and Configuration tools

Faster and high quality implementation

Extensive flexibility and extendibility are available on RVW. The Component Interaction Model lends high configurability, while the Extension Development Kit allows you to rapidly create extensions to the Enterprise solution. Standard infrastructure components such as workflow, audit trail, security and directory services are part of the toolset. Also available is the Portal Development Kit that facilitates the development individualized solutions for customers through enterprise dashboards and portals using rich user interfaces. These can run on the browser in the desktop systems and also be used on tablet devices like iOS, Android and Playbook.

Integration Framework

A single unified framework for all integration requirements

Forming the backbone of the Ramco VirtualWorks® architecture, the integration framework simplifies and facilitates enterprise applications and partner systems integration using robust enterprise service bus architecture. The framework supports multiple message formats, data transformation and transfer protocols. Use of open source tools at all stages makes the entire process cost-effective. What’s more, you can visually integrate two systems by mapping source and destination items. The framework is available both on on-premises and cloud model.

Advanced Process Optimization

Runtime Configuration enabled

  • Designed for rapid prototyping or case studies in planning, scheduling and execution control
  •  Designed for fast re-scheduling capability, what-if scenarios and short-term plan correction
  •  Schedule-based, integrated, cost calculation on the fly to ease plan evaluation
  •  Designed to support algorithm injection of best matching optimization strategies