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Manufacturing consistently high-quality products, being able to meet customer commitments, planning and stocking right, managing regulatory compliances, keeping pace with rapid industrial innovations, responding to changing customer preferences and being ready with strategies for an ever-changing socio-political-business climate are some of the challenges that you, as a manufacturer constantly grapple with.

Ramco ERP is a highly scalable and flexible solution that features powerful and comprehensive tools and metrics to help you manage your manufacturing business end-to-end. The integrated offering supports an entire range of industry processes and operations including procurement, manufacturing, inventory management, supply chain planning, sales & marketing, asset maintenance, finance, human capital management & payroll, and business analytics. These business processes and operations can be selectively configured to cater to your unique business needs and are suited for both single and multi-plant, multi-geography, and multi-company enterprises.

Next Gen features of Ramco Manufacturing ERP include

Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning algorithms

Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning algorithms

alerting users on anomalies in data to defaulting values or even pre-populating fields based on historical data

Voice is the new UI

Voice is the new UI

With chatbots in production, Ramco ERP also offers Voice as its new interface. Users can talk to their ERP just as they would talk to an Alexa, or a Siri

Zero UI

Zero UI

Moving from data heavy screens to intuitive conversation based transactions

Frictionless Computing

Frictionless Computing

Allowing transactions to go through without the need of interfacing with the application through voice and facial recognition

Event-driven Notification (ANA)

Event-driven Notification (ANA)

Alerts and notifications that can now be seen with a click



A one screen does it all concept built to address all activities of a user. Key ones being Inventory Hub & Production Reporting Hub

Featured Offerings

Real Time Integrator (RTI)

Real Time Integrator (RTI) interfaces plant control systems such as DCS(Distributed Control System) , PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) , SCADA(Supervisory Control to collect Parameter measurement values, critical alarm conditions, production hours of process, consumption of energy, run hours, etc., can be transferred to ERP and MIS systems

Contract Labour Management

Contract Labour Managementfor large organizations to manage their contract workforce and handle workmen productivity, statutory compliance, manpower planning, exception handling, attendance reconciliation and more

ERP Modules Built on Common Platform

Supply Chain Management

Attain overall business visibility, manage and optimize inventories and synchronize supply with demand
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Enterprise Asset Management

Plan, maintain and manage all your assets on a cloud and mobile-ready platform
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Production & Manufacturing

Set up a sophisticated and automated production schedule so that you are always ready to address the dynamics of your industry in the most agile and economical manner
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Finance & Accounting

Transform your hitherto administrative financial tasks into well-synchronized processes to enable the best possible financial supply chain management
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