ERP for Engineering Projects and Construction Industry

ERP for Infrastructure Industry

Streamline business processes. Increase the worth of assets. Optimize costs

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Every aspect of infrastructure business, public infrastructure or real estate, needs to be scrutinized, planned and implemented efficiently—right from sourcing of quality materials and timely execution of tasks to revenue collection and complaint handling. As an enterprise, you will meet challenges such as design changes, tracking project material movements, budget austerities or getting funding through progress payments or simply project billing.

Ramco ERP for Infrastructure Industry can help you overcome these hurdles by streamlining your business processes making them more dynamic, intuitive and effective than ever before. It enables comprehensive, end-to-end project tracking, freeing up your employees’ time to engage with customers.

>With Ramco ERP for Infrastructure, you can

Optimize your enterprise activities and processes

Ensure compliance with industry standards as well as pre-set parameters

Improve your overall agility and operational performance

Plan ahead, manage, and deliver desired results on time

Price your offerings effectively and stay ahead of competition

Implement proper maintenance routines to improve the worth of your expensive assets

Key capabilities to address the specific needs of

Real Estate & Construction Industry

Improve project planning and execution, project costing, site selection, budgeting, collaboration with preferred suppliers/ sub-contractors, visibility on cash flow, pricing and regulatory compliance

Public Infrastructure Industry

Ensure that your projects are all on time and on budget – no matter whether you are engaged in building, operating or transferring public infrastructure such as roads, bridges, telecom, housing for economically weaker sections etc.

Infrastructure Asset Management Industry

Gain complete visibility over the entire infrastructure asset lifecycle, benefit from up-to date information on assets, identify all asset-related risks and plan and review maintenance activities

Complementary ERP Modules Built On Common Platform

Finance & Accounting

Transform your hitherto administrative financial tasks into well-synchronized processes to enable the best possible financial supply chain management
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Project Management

Build the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques required to manage and account projects in order to meet or exceed stakeholder expectations
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Time and Attendance

Fully integrated Time and Attendance module - which supports multiple time entry modes such as swipe cards, bio devices, online data input, NFC and facial biometric based attendance
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Global Payroll

Keep your promise of paying your employees the right pay at the right time, across regions. Ramco offers one Global Payroll platform to manage Payroll across Japan, China, ANZ, APAC, India, Middle East, Africa, U.K. & Ireland.
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