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Comprehensive Pandemic Control System

  • Safe Distancing & Contact Tracing
  • Testing & COVID Proofing
  • Safe Entry & Pre-Screening
  • Workforce Planning & Scheduling

100% Preparedness on Workplace Safety & Health drives 100% Business Continuity

Safe Distancing & Contact Tracing

Real-Time Safe Distancing Alert

Upon proximity detection between employees, their mobiles vibrate or beep in real-time

Tracking Proximity History

Any proximity detection between employees is captured anonymously

Contact Tracing at Workplace

Based on employee declaration and proximity history, contact tracing with notifications possible

Real-Time Location Tracking

Crowd sensing and track employee movements across premises to enhance contact tracing and disinfect hotspots

Testing & COVID Proofing

Track Employee Testing

Allow employees to upload COVID test data/health certificate based on their role, frequency mandated etc.

Safe Entry based on Testing

Isolate the asymptomatic at entry based on employee testing data

Hotspots based Alerts

Based on hotspots/containment zones identified, alert employees residing there to test

Anonymous Tip

Employees can give an anonymous tip on any of their colleagues displaying visible symptoms to get tested

Safe Entry & Pre-Screening

Touchless Attendance

Facial recognition or voice recognition based attendance recording

Thermal Screening

Thermal screening to isolate employees with symptoms

Mask Detection

Mask detection to allow only employees with masks into workplace

Voice Based Self Declaration

Voice based survey around existing symptoms, contacts etc to pre-screen via self declaration

Workforce Planning & Scheduling

Capacity Planning

Plan for optimal capacity at workplace to ensure safe distancing


Prioritize essential workforce and optional employees based on opt-in


Employees who opt-in to come to office will self-declare via chatbot

Employee Pass

Only employees scheduled for the day are allowed inside the premises

Scalable and Holistic 360° Solution

Integrated with Access Infrastructure

Create touchless experience integrating with turnstiles, sliding doors, elevators etc

Integrated with HR/HCM Systems

Integrate with existing HR/HCM systems for attendance, workplace safety and health data

Contract Workforce & Visitors

Scalable across contract workforce and visitors for safe entry

Scalable to Address Global Payroll

Integral part of Ramco HR & Global Payroll across 150+ countries

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Ramco GEEK – Safe Distancing Dashboards for Workplace Health & Safety
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Discover RamcoGEEK - Comprehensive Pandemic Control System


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