Ramco for Logistics ERP System

Here’s a logistics software that streamlines all your business functions helping you achieve the zenith. Our logistics ERP software has industry-specific features that focus on offering Logistics Service Providers in Singapore, or in any other part of the world, sheer logistical convenience.

Equip your business with a logistics system that helps integrate all your requirements into one platform to help you make informed, data-based decisions.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Improve your customer satisfaction and relation with the best fulfilment rate

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Courier Service Providers

Maximise your yields & improve your responsiveness for the omni-channel world

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Freight Forwarders

Get E2ESCV (end to end supply chain visibility), flexibility and optimise your revenue and margins

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Best Logistics Management System for Singapore Businesses

Our Logistics Management Software offers a comprehensive solution that covers various logistics needs, giving you an efficient Logistics Management System.

Addressing Critical Challenges of LSPs

Cost Reduction

Leveraging technology to reduce cost at every operational level

Visibility & Customer Experience

Providing end to end visibility in terms of tracking, space, fleet, and financial forecasting


Powered with Next Gen AI & ML that automates invoices and reduces manual data entry by 75%

On Time Delivery

Expand your business and win more customers with a high-performance tech stack that helps in on-time delivery.

Why choose Ramco for your Logistics System

We offer multi-tenanted cloud and mobile-based enterprise software in major industrial sectors, Logistics being one of them being. We are a trusted cloud technology provider for 1000+ customers and we help empower 150,000+ end users globally, including Singapore.

Our Logistics system is scalable and can be deployed on cloud or on premise for your business in Singapore. The logistics software is capable of integration with most existing business applications.

Ramco’s Logistics system is ideal for any organisation wanting to optimise their operations and focus on Digital transformation and thriving digitally. The logistics software can cater to both medium and large-scale enterprises.

We help organisations undertake the following activities:

  • Using technology to leverage costs across verticals
  • Establishing visibility across operations
  • Automating trivial and crucial tasks
  • Reducing manual work across tasks
Automation of Manual Tasks

Personalization Engine

Mobile Alerts & Notifications

manual-task (1)
In Built Chatbots

A Daily Snapshot at Ramco Logistics Platform


Booking Requests





10M Sq. ft

Warehouse Space


Inbound & Outbound Orders



Plan that Scales with Every Business

Full Suite Enterprise Version
  • Integrated Digital Platform
  • In-Built AI, ML & Chatbots
  • Cloud & On-premise Implementation
  • Mobility Solutions in Android & iOS
  • Universal Personalization Engine
Highly Scalable Lite Version
  • Zero upfront Investment
  • Cloud based Solution
  • Rapid Implementation in 6 weeks
  • TMS & WMS with Billing
  • Transaction Based Pricing

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Our Global Customers


Ramco Logistics Platform can be deployed both in Cloud and on On-Premises. Be it Cloud or On-Premises deployment, we can deploy the same code base.

License Cost is usually calculated in one of the following ways.
Users-based Pricing: Based on the number of users who use the software.
Transactions: Transaction-based pricing is an alternative pricing where we charge per transaction processed in our system. The transactions can be one among booking requests, delivery notes, Inbound/orders, and many more.

  1. Platform Designed for Logistics Service Providers compared to other popular ERPs made for Manufacturers and force-fitted to a logistics company.
  2. An End-to-End Integrated solution (Including TMS, WMS, FMS, Rating & Billing) that shares a common database compared to other solutions in the market that act independently of each other and needs Integration middleware to work seamlessly.
  3. Inbuilt Mobility Solutions (in Android and iOS) for Warehouse Management, Drivers, Hub Management and Tendering.

The entire feature set of Ramco Logistics Platform has been designed by a team with decades of experience in Logistics. And most of our new features have been built based on the feedback from our customers across the globe. There is a good chance that you will already have the feature that a logistics service provider is looking out. If you need to build a custom feature that’s not on our list, we will take it up as part of our implementation.

Among Logistics Service Provider, the product supports three segments.
1. Third-Party Logistics Service Providers (3PL)
2. Courier and Express Parcel Service Providers.
3. Freight Forwarders

The solution also supports some of the key sub-verticals that includes
a. Rail Freight
b. Cold Chain Logistics
c. Project Cargo Logistics
d. Bulk Logistics
e. eCommerce Logistics

Ramco Logistics Software supports more than 25+ industries, so that you need not lookout for a new system when you are onboarding a customer from a different industry.
Some of the key industries that the platform supports belong to

• Retail
• eCommerce
• Automotive
• Electronics
• Chemicals & Hazardous Goods
• Pharmaceuticals
• Fashion
• Manufacturing
• Agriculture
• Minerals & Mining
• …. And many more

Ramco Logistics Platform is highly modular in nature which means the customers have the flexibility to pick and choose from our solution spectrum.

Ramco Logistics Platform comes with an Integration engine that helps Logistics connect with their Telematics Devices in trucks, Warehouse Robotics, Conveyor Belts, and other third-party applications through APIs. Some of the key solutions for which we have a readymade integration are;

1. HERE Maps for Location and Navigation Intelligence
2. SAMSARA for Tracking
3. GreyOrange for Warehouse Picking system
4. INTTRA for Ocean Carrier Booking
5. Rail Net Europe for Accessing the European Rail Network
6. SMC3 for LTL Pricing data


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