Corporate Overview

Ramco Systems is part of the USD 1 Billion diversified conglomerate, the Ramco Group of companies. Started as an R&D division of Ramco Industries Limited in 1992, Ramco Systems was later established as an independent company in 1997. Headquartered in Chennai, the company has 24 offices spread across India, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Middle East, South Africa and APAC. The company focuses on providing innovative business solutions that can be delivered quickly and cost-effectively in complex environments.

Ramco is a fast growing enterprise software player disrupting the market with its multi-tenanted cloud and mobile-based enterprise software in the area of HCM and Global Payroll, ERP and M&E MRO for Aviation. Ramco Systems focuses on Innovation and Culture to differentiate itself in the marketplace. On the Innovation front, Ramco has been focusing on moving towards Cognitive and Robotic ERP with features such as –

  • Hub it: Organizations have evolved to a stage where they are able to clearly define different User Roles. Ramco uses this definition to design ‘Hubs’ which then act as one stop action center for the users. These Hubs offers Users clearly Visualized, Actionable Insights pertaining to their role in one single screen. A user with responsibility for Procurement will be able to do all his transactions from one screen. This saves 80% of time wasted navigating between transactions. That’s 80% more time to concentrate on Innovation!
  • Mail it: Most business users are on the move and spend much of their time on mails. Requiring them to login to a system to do minor transactions will slow them and the Business down. Ramco with its ‘Mail It’ feature has brought the Enterprise System to where the user wants and when he wants it. The user can now transact on the ERP by sending a mail to the system to complete his transactions. The system is intelligent enough to understand user’s mail and take appropriate action. It is as simple as mailing your secretary to get a job done
  • Thumb it: Most legacy ERP apps on Mobile phones are not ‘Designed for Thumb’. With Ramco one can complete transactions by following the thumb's natural, sweeping arc. The app senses context and defaults the most probable transaction and lists down other often used transaction. With Ramco, Just Thumb it to complete transactions on the move
  • Prompt it: The best course of action is often decided by past data. One can spend 80% of time pouring over data or can let Ramco ‘Genie’ do it for you. Genie is intelligent to prompt on the next course of action. Be it Procurement or Production or Staffing, it pre-empts the requirement, keeps the documentation ready for approval. As Genie gets used to the user and organization it’ll evolve into a more powerful system that can act on its own to complete transactions that does not require User’s attention. This intelligent aspect of Ramco ERP saves your time to focus more on growing new businesses rather than running the business

The company has been assessed for ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 information security standards. Ramco's BPO unit is SAS 70 Type II certified. Ramco Systems is a public listed company and traded in BSE and NSE. The company currently employs over 1,600 employees.

Quick Facts

  • Year of establishment – 1997
  • Headquarters – Chennai, India
  • Total offices – 24 spread across India, APAC, US, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Customers – More than 150,000 users, 1000+ customers since inception
  • No. of employees – 1600+
  • Business focus – Platform, Products & Services
  • Verticals – Aviation, BFSI, Energy & Utilities, Equipment Rentals & Services, Government, Infrastructure, Logistics, Manufacturing, Mining , Professional Services, and Trading
  • Assessed for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2005 information security standards
  • SEI CMMi Dev 1.3 at Maturity Level 3
  • Our BPO unit is SAS 70 Type II certified.
  • Financials - FY 2016-17
    • Total Income - USD 68.76m
    • Total revenue - USD 67.24m
  • Revenue Mix – India – 27%, US – 19%, MENA – 15%, Europe – 2%, ASEAN – 20%, South Africa – 6%, Australia – 11%
  • Awards & Recognition:
    • Awarded Best Payroll and Talent Management Software at the HR Vendors of the Year 2016 event organized by Human Resources in Malaysia and Singapore
    • Positioned as 'Achiever' in Everest Group's Multi-country Payroll Platform Assessment 2016
    • Endorsed as the preferred Next-Gen MRO IT Vendor by Aeronautical Repair Station Association (ARSA)
    • Awarded the “Best Sourcing Innovation” Award, at the 2015 ISG Paragon Awards for Australia and New Zealand
    • Recognized as a Leader in NelsonHall’s NEAT Report for Payroll Outsourcing in 2015 & 2016
  • Stock exchanges where Ramco shares are traded: BSE, NSE
  • Share Holding (As On 30.09.2017)
    • Promoter & Promoter Group - 54.89%
    • Public & Others - 44.11%
  • Executive members:
    • P.R. Venketrama Raja, Chairman
    • Virender Aggarwal, Chief Executive Officer