Ramco Aviation M&E/MRO for MROs

Reduce TATs. Improve efficiencies. Deal with the market dynamics, proactively

The increased complexity and unpredictability of the Aviation MRO business has made the sustainability of MROs (Maintenance and Repair Organizations) a strong challenge today. The major challenges facing the Aviation MRO Industry are: streamlining process intensive activities, optimizing operational and maintenance economics, reduction of turnaround times, improving customer satisfaction, and, ultimately increasing profitability.

Organizations that survive the rebound and aim for the leadership position are those that adopt innovative ways to tackle these challenges by improving efficiency throughout the value chain, and finding opportunities to save costs and increase revenues. This mandates accessing the right information at the right time to make informed decisions to optimally manage assets.

Ramco Aviation Solution represents over 600 person years of research, product development, implementation and customer experience built into the offering thus providing lasting values and a competitive edge to its customers.

Ramco Aviation Solution has been constructed not only to ensure aircraft airworthiness status and fleet dependability, but also to maintain inventory and purchasing at optimum levels, generally lower than the current stock levels. These objectives are met while achieving maximum productivity from manpower, materials, facilities, tools and equipment.

Ramco’s Series 5 Aviation Suite is a business process-oriented web-centric solution that can be installed on-premise to optimize your internal infrastructure, or on-Cloud within a secure a modern and reliable delivery framework, which does not call for a huge upfront investment in infrastructure.

Our solutions are designed and developed from the ground-up for the Aviation Industry. We offer an integrated suite of Aviation Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) software solutions that are in use across Commercial and Defense MROs, and Third Party Maintenance service providers.

Completely Integrated M&E Solution

Control maintenance, operations, supply chain, tech documents, costs, & licenses—all in a single system.

Inadequate maintenance decreases reliability, and often calls for repeat and unplanned maintenance action that causes not only wear and tear to components, but increases the chances of further maintenance error. This often arises due to lack of consistent information across departments, brought about by data islands and disparate systems throughout the organization. Ramco provides a completely integrated system that enables you to access consistent information across functions, avoid data duplication and improve productivity.

  • The seamless integration between M&E/MRO Solution and Finance Modules combined with the Job Costing module provides up to the hour value of inventory and maintenance cost.
  • Information sharing between the Planning & Scheduling and Human Resources modules ensures that the right personnel with correct certifications are executing critical tasks.
  • Manage and Access all source documents (AMM, CMM, SRM, SB/ADs etc,) in a single click during work planning and execution.
  • Monitor Work In Progress as against contractual Turn Around Times (TAT), assess bottlenecks and solve the problems that are causing the delays.
  • Take advantage of the TAT and workflow engine to receive Alerts/Emails/SMS for activities that require your awareness and customer approval—thereby enabling faster decision making.

Improved Visibility & Control across Departments

Track operations, warranty and associated labor, material and miscellaneous costs

Given that maintenance, in itself, accounts for around 15% of operating costs, how can you add value to your customers? A comprehensive overview of operations across departments will help you assess revenue leakages, indicate how aggressively you should pursue warranty items, or how compliant you are with respect to the contractual agreements. The pre-built, componentized solution enforces discipline by channeling consistent information across business functions to help improve collective decision-making.

  • Real-time monitoring of Work In-Progress across Maintenance and Supply Chain departments.
  • Improved graphical screens with color codes to indicate items in need of immediate attention.
  • Dashboards and reports outline utilization of resources by assessing manpower, skill, and equipment usage across work centers; constantly track Planned versus Actual schedules, costs; and provide drill down views to expose irregularities.
  • Auto initiate warranty claims.
  • Make the most of dynamic, configurable dashboards compatible with a range of portable devices (mobile phones, PDAs, tablet PCs, etc.) to keep track of KPIs and performance metrics like profitability by Work Center, Average Turn Around Time (TAT) by Work Center, etc.

Simplified Operational Compliance

Ensure work execution dependability through our advanced maintenance compliance engine

Coordinating the execution and compliance of all maintenance related tasks, Service Bulletins, Airworthiness Directives Modifications can be a daunting task. This is why -compliance engine has been built to cater to these requirements while continuously analyzing adherence to procedures and norms as dictated by the OEMs and Regulatory Authorities.

  • Ensure proper tracking and management of all of MSG-3 / MSG-2 maintenance programs (for your own fleet or fleets you may be managing on behalf of others).
  • The ‘Task Centric’ paradigm ensures full visibility into the work required to maintain aircraft and components.
  • Monitor the real-time operational compliance and review the system generated areas for quality improvements.
  • Manage and maintain audit records for all compliance activities and provide recommendations to prevent repeat problems.

Remove the Weakest Link in the Supply Chain

Reduce inventory holding costs and monitor supply chain performance before deciding to purchase.

Maintaining the ideal supply-demand balance calls for the need to ensure that proper inventory levels are maintained and purchased at optimized levels. Ramco Aviation Solution provides seamless integration to enable comprehensive part and component tracking.

  • Manage inventory positioned at multiple locations, under different ownership and related.
  • Automated Inventory Replenishment is powered by high-end multi-echelon demand matrices.
  • Reduce inventory overheads with help of decision support tools and Just In Time (JIT) requisitioning.
  • Monitor Part Supply Chain Performance to gauge historical consumption, purchase information and vendor ratings to assess options before initiating procurement.

Dynamic Cost Indexing

Don’t wait to get paid until the job is done—raise progressive invoices, automatically, and bill the customer periodically.

Improve overall profitability and gain control of your maintenance expenses through a seamless Contract—Work Execution—Invoice cycle.

  • Configure multiple pricing engines to charge and discount every customer for parts and services in T&M, fixed price and various combinations.
  • Capture the full scope of contractual terms with customers, and allow the engine to govern and warn when exceeding budget limits.
  • Automatic posting of self-billing invoices to ensure accurate and on-time billing to the customer.
  • Flexible, rule-driven, financial engine that can deal with multi-element, multi-currency or multi-payout payroll.

Go Paperless

Go Green with electronic signatures.

Paperwork in the Aviation Industry can be voluminous and taxing. Ramco Aviation Solution is being used in mission critical operations across the world in totally paperless environments. The combination of the latest technology with the n-tier architecture provides a highly reliable and scalable environment and high availability with very short turnarounds.

  • Paperless Task Completion—plan and execute tasks completely online.
  • Record Timesheets and Sign-Off Tasks electronically, using e-signature.
  • Operate seamlessly with your supplier e-business portal for Procurement as well as Repair.
  • Utilize Barcoding for material receipt and effective handling of various material movement transactions.

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  • Ramco made it easier for the Mechanics to switch over from manual mode to online reporting in a simple and easy manner. Ramco's support and onsite teams have been very responsive to our needs. In my experience there is no other vendor that has support like Ramco

    Rob Zwanenburg

  • Ramco is what it is because Ramco has built relationships with their customers and takes time to not only hear but listen to the voice of each valued customer. I truly believe Ramco is on the right path

    Raylund Romero
    Purchase Manager
    Petroleum Helicopters

  • We evaluated multiple global MRO vendors and chose Ramco as it met our elaborate functional requirements. As the entire fleet is maintained on the system, we would be able to effectively track history of the aircraft and components for faster resolution of defects/snags and thus reduce our maintenance TAT.

    Mr Vipin Kumar Sharma,
    SBU Head, MRO (E&C),
    Air India

  • I am very pleased with the level of support from Ramco. It has been very professional, and your people have been on-the-spot all the time. The level of service is first class. The team is very friendly, and has provided good support. This level of support, in relation to Ramco's size and its worldwide presence is very good.

    Mr. Mohammed Mohannadi,
    CEO, Gulf Helicopters

  • We selected Ramco after an extensive evaluation of the industry's software vendors and are very excited to welcome the Ramco team into our business as key partners. Ramco's Aviation Suite will provide Republic with critical information and real-time analysis for proactive decision-making.

    Hal Cooper, Executive VP & CFO
    Republic Airways

  • Ramco consultants on-site demonstrated thorough professionalism during various phases of the implementation. Ramco consultants worked tireless and dedicated hours whenever required to ensure that schedules are met throughout the complete project phase. Their perseverance is appreciated.

    MyungChun Song,
    Project Manager, T'Way Air

  • We selected Ramco because of its superior product founded on leading edge technology, its people and its commitment to FL Technics. Ramco will help us face current and future challenges on our growth path. This project is of strategic importance for our future and we are looking forward to a successful delivery.

    Andrej Belotelov,
    General Director, FL Technics

  • The Ramco implementation team demonstrated excellent industry knowledge and a high level of skill in rolling out our solutions. We are now able to share key information throughout our company, increase our efficiency and have the tools to quickly gather information that is critical to key decision makers within the organization.

    Tony Quo Vadis, VP Finance
    Conair, Canada