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Technology Evaluation Centers Principal Analyst PJ Jakovljevic in his recent article explains blockchain technology in detail and also identifies players like Ramco, highlighting its use cases, and speculates about blockchain's future


This NelsonHall vendor assessment analyzes Ramco's offerings and capabilities in Next Generation Payroll Services.

This Blueprint report covers the use and impact of Digital on Payroll Services, and analyzes the evolving value proposition for clients, and emerging sources of differentiation for service providers. Alongside featuring Ramco as one of the service providers, it also includes coverage of other leading Payroll Services providers, to understand how they demonstrate these new Digital capabilities and how suppliers are supporting customers in their Digital Payroll journey.

This IDC study provides an assessment of the leading SaaS and cloud-enabled ERP software solutions for midmarket enterprises and discusses what criteria are most important for companies to consider when selecting a system. Ramco Systems ranked as a key representative vendor alongside 14 other software vendors

This Gartner Critical Capabilities report assesses various HCM suite vendors and helps application leaders transforming HCM identify best-fit vendors based on their own critical product and service/support needs. Gartner assesses Ramco HCM based on its specific use cases

This report shows how each HR Solution provider measures up and helps application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals and their HR business stakeholder clients make the right choice. Ramco featured as one of the eight comprehensive HR Solution providers that matter.

This Gartner Critical Capabilities report assesses various cloud core financial management suites and helps application leaders identify vendor solutions based on their specific use cases. Gartner assesses Ramco Cloud Core Financial Management Suite based on its specific use cases

This Gartner Magic Quadrant helps application leaders in entities with over 1,000 workers and emerging global needs pursue a cloud HCM strategy and identify vendors for further evaluation. Ramco Systems named as a Niche Vendor makes its maiden entry into the quadrant

This document guides application leaders seeking WFM applications through the market landscape, and helps them to identify which type of solution and vendor is most suitable for their organization. Ramco Systems has been mentioned as a key representative vendor in the report.

Info-Tech's Select and Implement an ERP Solution blueprint is a step-by-step guide to project success and helps organizations understand the challenges surrounding ERP projects

The core financial management suites market is transitioning from traditional on-premises deployment to cloud services. This new Magic Quadrant helps organizations identify viable solutions for moving core finance processes to the cloud. Ramco Systems named as a Niche Vendor makes its maiden entry into the quadrant

The recent industry report by Predrag Jakovljevic, Technology Evaluation Centers, explains in detail about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing, Deep Learning and also highlights Ramco’s efforts in the AI space

This report enables application development and delivery (AD&D) leaders to understand the SaaS HRMS vendor landscape dimensions of customer size, geography, industry, and technology. Ramco Systems mentioned as a key representative vendor.

Evaluated on the dimensions of Innovation and Execution, HfS Research’s Blueprint Market Guide covers predictive capabilities emerging within HCM systems. Alongside featuring Ramco as a key representative vendor, the report also throws light on the significant business value and impact certain predictive capabilities are driving for customers, where these capabilities might be a year or more from now, and some specific recommendations for maximizing ROI from these capabilities.

Securing capacity, driving efficiency and improving customer service are strong motivators for investing in a TMS. This research report helps Supply Chain leaders evaluate the TMS marketplace. Ramco Systems participates in the survey focusing on SMB TMS solutions

The comprehensive report offers an in-depth research on how the landscape for cloud ERP for product-centric organizations is in transition as cloud becomes more prevalent. Ramco Systems has been mentioned as a key representative vendor in the report.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) enterprise resource planning (ERP) is accelerating as a mainstream delivery model to help companies gain flexibility and leverage modern cloud technologies. This report throws light on how the shift to SaaS ERP accelerates as businesses adapt to digital transformation

During a free-wheeling chat with Technology Evaluation Centers’ (TEC’s) principal analyst, P.J. Jakovljevic, Ramco CEO talks about Ramco ERP's new frontier, technology development, innovation and future plans

The multi-country payroll market is growing at three times the rate of the overall market and represents ~15% of total standalone payroll services revenues. Read NelsonHall’s analysis of multi-country payroll contracts, also featuring Ramco HCM & Global Payroll

Firms are embracing public Cloud services to enable digital transformation, and with global cloud providers opening new cloud regions in India and SEA, CIOs have more choices. This report will aid CIOs make informed selections from the changing vendor landscape to drive their digital transformation. Ramco Systems featured as a key representative vendor.


Incomplete Visibility sank even The Titanic! Ramco Newsletter featuring Gartner’s research throws light on the Needs & Means of achieving complete supply chain visibility.

CIOs and application leaders responsible for ERP strategy should use this guide to understand the types of solutions available. Ramco Systems has been mentioned as a key representative vendor which actively sells and markets service-centric ERP for midsize and large organizations on a stand-alone basis.

Real time Supply Chain visibility is a must for existence in this uberized world. Watch webinar to understand the importance of having intelligent visibility of assets and how to plug revenue leakage in operations

Technology Evaluation Centers’ (TEC’s) principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic’s perspective on Ramco’s first ever Analyst Day in Boston, USA, highlighting the new capabilities and developments of Ramco’s three main product lines that are ensuing benefits for customers and on how Ramco fits into the global ERP landscape.

For second year in a row, Independent Global Research firm, NelsonHall ranks Ramco Global Payroll as LEADER, on multiple parameters including overall capability and the ability to offer multi-country Payroll.

This buyer’s guide offers a comprehensive breakdown of Human Capital Management (HCM) software solution capabilities and how they help organizations address employee engagement strategies. The report also includes in-depth information of various HCM solution vendors, across the globe.

NelsonHall’s payroll services vendor assessment for Ramco is a comprehensive assessment of Ramco’s payroll service offering and capabilities, designed for sourcing managers monitoring the capabilities of existing suppliers of payroll outsourcing and identifying vendor suitability for payroll process outsourcing RFPs; vendor marketing, sales, and business managers looking to benchmark themselves against their peers; financial analysts and investors specializing in the support services sector; HR and payroll decision makers

With an uberized workforce, identifying the best talent, engaging and retaining them will be crucial. Mastering new ways of working to build a world-beating Digital workplace is the need of the hour. Read Ramco Newsletter featuring Gartner's latest research report on the Eight Building Blocks to drive successful Digital Workplace initiatives.

In a recent blog LNS Research provides executive level insights and analysis of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Digital Transformation. The team also shares its take on Ramco Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution and its uses in Asset intensive industries

As a part of its inaugural research report, Everest Group assessed 11 global payroll platform vendors in the rapidly growing MCPP market against ‘Usage and Execution Effectiveness’ and ‘Functionality’. Positioned Ramco Systems in the ‘Achiever’ quadrant.

In a recent research note Greyhound Research highlights a key trend about Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) piloting and implementing Workforce Empowerment Systems (WES) to win the war for talent. Positions Ramco Systems as one of the organizations who has already commenced developing such bots.

This report by Gartner provides the much needed landscape of vendors offering core financial management applications coupled with the cloud services. Ramco Systems has been mentioned as a key representative vendor for its offering of financial application both on a stand-alone basis as well as a part of broader ERP solutions.

This ERP for Services Buyer's Guide takes a deep dive into the major software and services industry trends that could impact an enterprise, and looks at specific functionalities and capabilities to look for, when making an important ERP software selection. Ramco Systems has been mentioned as a key representative vendor.

In his latest blog, PJ reviews the logistics industry and how Ramco has created a niche with its Logistics software

This report provides a landscape of vendors providing suites of Human Capital Management solutions, coupled with broader talent management capabilities. Ramco Systems has been mentioned as a key representative vendor for its HCM offering

The TEC Spotlight Report gives an in-depth look at Ramco’s focus on building Cognitive and Predictive capabilities and also evaluates the products, initiatives, and market position from an analyst’s point of view.

TEC’s Principal Analyst, PJ, looks at the recent selection of Ramco cloud HCM software by Valiram Group, a prestigious specialist retailer in Southeast Asia.

TEC Cloud ERP Buyer’s Guide for Manufacturing addresses the typical questions manufacturers have on cloud software deployment versus the on-premises and hosted alternatives, and provides a basic framework for assisting manufacturing company decision makers in their evaluation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions. Ramco Systems has been mentioned as a key representative vendor.

A detailed scan of the Services market lists the major SRP vendors and their focus – by Industry/ by Employee size / by Geography, and also throws light on the market attributes, drivers, inhibitors and trends driving ERP adoption in the segment. Ramco’s Services Resource Planning has been mentioned as one of the key vendor


TEC’s Principal Analyst PJ Jakovljevic reviews Ramco Systems' recent partnership with the Qlik, a vendor of visual analytics systems. The integration of Qlik's data visualization features with Ramco's analytics platforms

Distinguished Research firm, Frost & Sullivan evaluates leading Aerospace IT vendors on technology innovation, growth strategy and global footprint. Ranks Ramco Aviation Software as a Champion in its Technology Innovation Matrix 2015.

This IDC Manufacturing Insights report is a summary of the analysis on where ERP as an enterprise application is in its journey in adoption among enterprises, specifically on cloud adoption and what organizations are planning to do. Ramco’s Two-Tier ERP strategy coupled with successful implementation, gets featured as well.

Independent Global Research firm, NelsonHall evaluated leading Global Payroll vendors offering outsourcing services. Ranked Ramco Global Payroll as LEADER, on multiple parameters including overall capability and the ability to offer multi-country Payroll.

TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic looks at how Ramco Systems’ new global payroll software capabilities in China and other countries could help companies handle different payroll and regional regulations more efficiently.

TEC's P.J. Jakovljevic reports on the annual Ramco User Meet (RUM) 2015 event, and gives the latest on the ERP and HCM vendor's very successful 2014, the new company culture helping to drive change, and Ramco's path to becoming a real competitor on the enterprise application scene.


Gartner’s Market Guide for Core Financial Management Applications provides a landscape of vendors offering core financial management applications. CIOs and business application leaders developing an ERP strategy should use this guide to understand the type of solutions available. Ramco Systems has been mentioned as a key representative vendor for its Finance & Accounting solution

This report provides a landscape of vendors offering full-suite human capital management solutions coupled with broader talent management capabilities. Ramco Systems has been mentioned as a key representative vendor for its HCM offering

Gartner's 2014 IT Market Clock for ERP Platform Technology provides organizations with a framework for evaluating the maturity of their ERP technology. Ramco has been mentioned as key vendors for multitenant, SaaS- based ERP Vendor.

Distinguished TEC Analyst, Predrag Jakovljevic writes a blog on launch of Ramco ERP on wearable devices

This Hype Cycle presents a snapshot of technologies enterprises in India must consider when successfully transitioning to the digital realm. Ramco has been mentioned as one of the SaaS vendors.

In-memory computing delivers business value from ERP and CPM applications. Ramco’s Minnal has been mentioned as one of the IMC use cases.

Financial management applications are at different stages of their market life cycles. CIOs and CFOs need to base the strategies for their finance systems on how different market segments evolve. Ramco has been mentioned as Midmarket core Financial Applications SaaS Vendors.

Ramco is positioned ahead of Oracle, Infor, Schneider Electric among EAM vendors when participated in a study that assesses a vendor's current and future success in a market to provide a measure of their ability to become a leader.

“NetSuite,, UNIT4, and other service industries cloud software providers should regard Ramco SRP as a worthy opponent, especially in its regional strongholds.” says Predrag Jakovljevic, TEC analyst in his blog.

The ERP software market in 2014 is a buyer's market. Ramco has been mentioned as one of the vendors in Gartner's ERP Software Market.

Ramco has been mentioned for exhibiting evident results like enhanced user experience, gain of new business insights, effective asset management and achievement business efficiencies by implementing geospatially enabled ERP at Ramco Cements.

A broad overview of the different types of workforce management solutions for HR is presented to understand the solution landscape and to evaluate the correct set of vendors. Ramco has been mentioned as one of the representative HCM technology provider.

This IDC Vendor Profile analyzes Ramco Systems' cloud-based offerings and Ramco is mentioned here as one of the disruptive player in the cloud market.

“It looks like SAP and IFS should be looking over their shoulders now that Ramco is in their backyard”, says TEC analyst in his blog.

Many organizations are rushing to deploy cloud-based talent management solutions without a clear understanding of the implementation challenges. In this research Gartner interviewed CIOs/ HR leaders of RedTag Group who have deployed Ramco’s cloud-based talent management solutions