Ramco Enterprise Analytics

Harness the Power of Analytics. Predict the Future of Your Business.

Ramco Analytics is the most competent business analytics tool for quick and intelligent decision making. Ramco Analytics provides 360 degree view of your organization’s performance and empowers you with critical insights into the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to ‘Measure, Monitor and Manage’ your business goals and growth.

Ramco Analytics comes with pre-configured KPIs enabling you to track achievement of goals (Management By Objectives) at various levels in the organization. The solution facilitates cascading of KPIs across strategic, tactical and operational layers of your business. You can establish cause-effect relationship between KPIs to visualize correlation between events. Ramco Analytics is equipped with powerful and dynamic Analysis Work Bench to facilitate versatile querying and drilldowns, i.e., the solution offers seamless point ‘n’ click navigation, from highest level aggregates to transaction level details, as per the user’s choice.

Ramco Analytics also has the capability to generate automated, rule driven alerts to decision makers through e-mail and mobile devices (management by exception). The solution also offers powerful and flexible interactive graphics engine for data visualizations to aid instant decision making.

Ramco Analytics ensures cross functional alignment of people, processes and technology across multiple business functions like Sales, Finance, Procurement, HCM, Inventory and Production. Ramco Analytics offers you all the necessary tools to visualize strategic business information in the most comprehensible way so that you are fully-equipped to sense the pulse of your business, identify the areas of the business that need utmost attention. It empowers you to get to the core of strategic information and make well-informed decisions, on-the-fly.

Financial Analytics

Smart Insights into Data that Really Matters.

The suite contains KPIs and various analyses tools that can help you assess the financial health of the enterprise. The solution provides in-depth querying facility to ascertain financial ratios, perform Cost-Profitability analysis at Division / Organization Unit / Cost Center levels; analyze and forecast cash flows; view the status of Working Capital, Receivables and Payables ageing, Budget Variances, and so on.

The versatile Analysis Workbench allows analyzing the financial figures in light of all the relevant organizational attributes like cost center and finance book, and allows you to track financial trends over time. This can be done at aggregate levels or you can even drill-down to the transaction level.

  • Thoroughly assess the financial health of your enterprise through in-depth querying facility.
  • Track financial trends over time.
  • Make proactive financial strategies to augment profits.

Sales Analytics

Intelligence that Accelerates Sales.

Ramco Sales Analytics equips you with information related to your organization’s sales cycle, end-to-end. The intelligence and insights generated by the system enable you to have absolute control over the Order-to-Cash process. You can measure sales performance based on parameters such as revenue, margins and discounts offered. You can get a quick glimpse of order positions including pending orders, back orders and shipment status at the click of a few buttons. You can analyze sales returns status based on details and reasons recorded, and view enquiry, quotation, sales and dispatch process lead times.

You can view and generate the Sales Performance analyses metrics in various dimensions related to the Sales Function such as Products, Markets, Sales Locations, Organization Unit, Customers, Channels, Currencies, and more. The solution also helps you gauge sales trends over time. You can follow the train of investigation from organizational summaries to transaction line items and make useful inferences and decisions.

  • Get end-to-end visibility of your Order-to-Cash process.
  • Build a holistic view of your organization’s sales performance based on multiple dimensions such as Products, Markets, Customers and Channels.
  • Pin point current issues and foresee potential challenges and opportunities based on the sales trends spotted.

Inventory Analytics

Ensure 100% Inventory Integrity.

Establishing methods and mechanisms to ensure inventory control can be a pain unless you have access to a dashboard view of stock positions across multiple sources/locations. With Ramco Inventory Analytics you can gain complete visibility across disparate inventory locations. The solution presents stock positions across warehouses; Stock movement, over time, are presented under various stock attributes, classifications and addresses in the warehouse in terms of stock counts as well as monetary value. The transactional analysis feature of the module provides information on receipts, consumption, transfers, dispatch performance and trends statistics. Age of stock and stores service level KPIs are additional areas of analysis that can be leveraged.

Ramco Inventory Analytics enables you to gain critical insights into the real situation of your inventory at the click of a few buttons so that you are able to perform necessary audits in time and ensure 100% inventory integrity at the organization level.

  • Optimize inventory control like never before.
  • Gain complete visibility across disparate inventory locations.
  • Assess stock positions across warehouses and that of stock in transit.

Procurement Analytics

For Prudent Spend Analysis.

A penny saved is considered to be a penny earned, especially when it comes to making purchases for the business. A procurement analytics tool can prove to be of immense value in helping you optimize your procurement-related decisions. Ramco’s Procurement Analytics module is the most effective purchase analyzer that offers you many features to analyze purchase trends and view valuable procurement related statistics to ensure that you are able to maintain the lowest possible procurement costs and prevent unnecessary cash out flow.

The solution provides comprehensive view of the complete Procure-to-Pay cycle. You can analyze and track purchases from the requisition stage through ordering, receipt and invoicing. Analysis can be done based on parameters such as Item classifications, Buyers, Suppliers, Organizational Units, Order Priorities and Classifications for purchase quantity, Order Values, Lead time over procurement stages, Price Variances and Trends. The solution enables critical Insights into spend patterns, variances with allocated budgets, supplier performance ratings and service level indicators.

  • Optimize your procurement decisions.
  • Have access to valuable insights related to complete Procure-to-Pay cycle.
  • Analyze purchase trends effectively. Maintain lowest possible procurement costs. Prevent unnecessary cash outflow.

Production Analytics

Establish Intelligent and Smart Production Workflow.

It is critical for any manufacturing business to gauge the overall effectiveness of its manufacturing work flow. Ramco’s Production Analytics module offers features that help you capture the real-time view of your production cycle and analyze its effectiveness.

With Ramco’s Production Analytics, you can analyze production quantities and values—planned Vs actual, over a period of stipulated time, for different product classifications, warehouses, plants, units, and customers. The raw material and input variances for production orders can be analyzed at the aggregate level and at the order lines. Resource capacity utilization and availability, productivity and efficiency parameters are other subjects of analysis that are provided

  • Enhance the overall effectiveness of your manufacturing work flow.
  • Analyze critical production parameters like resource capacity utilization to gauge the overall productivity and efficiency of your production process.

HCM Analytics

Hire Right. Retain Right.

The key decision making information around Human Capital Management (HCM) function revolves around staffing and distribution, mainly pertaining to head count and Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) analysis. Ramco HCM Analytics has all the features to serve as a powerful aide to your HCM team and enable prudent human capital management.

With Ramco HCM Analytics, you can perform elaborate head count and FTE analysis based on resource demographics, skills and competencies, qualifications, jobs positions and grade sets, and overall organization structure. The module allows you to map actuals against budgeted headcounts; FTE trends over time can also be analyzed. The solution also facilitates many other HCM analyses related to compensation, recruitment, grievances management, resource trainings, appraisals, Attendance Reporting System (ARS) and leave management and employee separation.

  • Make informed and prudent HR decisions based on detailed head count and FTE analysis.
  • Effectively map actuals against budgeted headcounts; gauge FTE trends.
  • Have an end-to-end view of the effectiveness of your HR strategies.

CRM Analytics

Achieve a Quantum Jump in Sales.

Ramco CRM Analytics helps organizations to discover lost opportunities, meet sales targets, optimize campaign/events' effectiveness, and more to enable a holistic and insightful view of the CRM function. Ramco CRM Analytics primarily revolves around the Sales and Marketing operations and enables you as a Sales and Marketing professional to quickly find the pain points, look for top and bottom performers and track events performance, etc. You can share these insights with your team or anywhere around the enterprise to enable effective Sales planning and future strategy making for customer retention and growth.

Its advanced analytics capabilities enable you to perform Leads and Opportunities analysis, gauge average lead closing time, ascertain the total costs associated with a marketing event, assess the current status and periodic performance reports for sales executives, rolling up to the top management. Ramco CRM Analytics is a flexible, customized, scalable and inter-operable solution can be seamlessly and most easily integrated with your CRM or ERP application or any other similar product. What’s more, the application can be accessed on mobile devices too.

  • Optimize the performance of your sales and marketing team by effective analysis of the department’s critical operations such as Leads and Opportunities analysis.
  • Gain access to valuable insights and quickly find pain points, discover lost opportunities, meet sales targets, optimize campaign/events' effectiveness and more.
  • Easily bundle CRM analytics with your CRM/ERP/any other similar product for advanced use of the application.

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