Engine MRO

Engine MRO facilities under-take very challenging tasks, since the engine and their subsystems have to be handled very carefully during disassembly, Inspection and Assembly processes.Moreover, these facilities also need to ensure that ongoing revisions are complied with as per the OEM’s instructions.

An engine has several systems like fan modules, core, module assemblies etc. MRO Facilities require to have an understanding of which subsystem has been removed, whether existing parts are available to full-fill the demand etc. Furthermore, it is also essential to classify whether the repair for the removed components will be done internally or externally.

The complex nature of Engine MRO activities, imply that even a small mistake in any of the activities right from disassembly to assembly will have an impact on the cost and will lead to a delay on the final delivery.

With the Engine MRO activities being critical, MRO facilities cannot afford to have certain conditions to arise during the daily activities, such as:

  • Putting off the forecasting – Required Material won’t be available on time
  • Have a poor Material Management process
  • Non-Standard “Work Scopes”
  • Maintain Inaccurate Engine Configuration
  • Lack of Ownership of the parts removed
  • Inadequate processes for tracking and traceability of parts

An Ideal state for an Engine MRO requirement is an integrated approach in which the processes, people (OEMS, third part providers & vendors) and technology are connected.

Ramco Aviation Suite Series 5 is an integrated product with Maintenance & Engineering, Human Resource Management and Finance solutions that are closely connected and yield the required output to run the MRO facilities as a profit center.

Value proposition

  • Rational Flow of Materials, Tools etc.
  • Consistent Turnaround time ( TAT)
  • Improved Maintenance Planning
  • Increased Service levels & Reduced Inventory
  • Recording & Effective tracking of Engine Configuration
  • Complete control on parts with different ownerships
  • Inbuilt with real-time global warranty and parts tracking, Operators can save several millions in warranty cost and cut down AOG time
  • Advanced and comprehensive software that will effectively manage quotation handling, maintenance planning, maintenance execution, configuration management, supply chain logistics, cost tracing and invoicing

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