BYOD: The Individual Differentiator

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BYOD: The Individual Differentiator

What keeps you stand out, is how you standout from the rest.

This is not just by building a big team, or providing a long roadmap, promising the globe and delivering the town. Its all about surprising those who believe in you and making them appreciate internally that they have made a good choice in you.

BYOD: The Individual Differentiator

I have found this valid in both the Personal and the Official world. While the demarcation is fading day by day, it still exists and thats a beaten down topic in the blogging community.

Instead of promising my wife a luxury car after 3 years, a plush house after 5 years getting her a necklace for our wedding anniversary without any prompt, delivers more value and inherently builds trust in her that Im here to achieve bigger things. This is equally applicable in professional life as well.

Being there, when they need is the key for any relationship.

But what does BYOD have to do with this ?

My job is that of a technical evangelist. A "snow blower," as I call myself.

Creativity is the key and being aware of the environment and offering the right ammunition to my management is the key for my success.

Tools and Devices are an integral part of building this experience. Being a long time user of the Mac family, I would love to have Mac, as it has been a part of my creative journey. Personally, its an important part of my creative journey. Can I ask for one at office to perform ? Yes and No. If yes, then my creativity will be traded as just the device I am using. If No, there is cost to it. I cannot carry my iMac (desktop) to office.

But, to be comfortable doing my work, with an open culture, i just thought I approach the management giving me the option for BYOD. They accepted, and I shopped for a Macbook Air and started taking it to office. Now Im at home and office, and need not switch myself between environments. Home/Office is closer now.

If I need to convince my managers on new technologies, there is nothing wrong in yielding to the temptations and personally getting new devices and gadgets and proving our solutions work great on them and can be pitched for newer avenues and business prospects.

Otherwise, I need to put up a proposal, get approval, convince cost benefit, provide a plan, commit myself to the plan, plan internally, and be ready to justify the expenses.. All this does not exist for me. All I deliver is a surprise and a new business opportunity, thats why I call myself a snow blower.

For the kind of interesting and motivational work Im doing, BYOD is just a small part. I can even go the extent of BYOS (if I can afford.). Its the quality of work and the freedom and faith of the management on you that drives all these initiatives. BTW - S stands for Salary.

Now I have linked BYOD and Personal Growth, and hence the title.

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This blog was originally posted by Srinivasan Ramasamy, Vice President - Technology at Ramco Systems on Innovation Insights Blog.