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Quick and Intuitive Role Based Workspaces

Ramco EAM on Cloud offers role based WorkSpace for key user’s roles, including Maintenance Manager; Maintenance Planner & Scheduler thus revolutionizing the way a user leverages IT systems to accomplish day-to-day business transactions with few clicks from a single window. Ramco’s strategy is to cut the clutter and make users life simple with better performance and improved efficiency.

EAM WorkSpaces provide a next-gen user experience with seamless navigation, minimal clicks & quick action. They have been designed by domain specialists, keeping in view the typical usage behavior of each user’s role. Not only are these WorkSpaces very simple to use, easy to learn, but are also functionally comprehensive and very effective for the role for which they have been designed.

The simplicity induces adoption, making the training so easy that it can be completed over a cup of coffee!! The insights are actionable as the user can act upon it directly through a single click.

EAM software WorkSpaces also blends analytics that are contextual to the transaction, enabling easy and effective decision making. It has been designed to ensure that all key functions and business processes specific to a user’s role are available in the same view. This creates a sort of personal space for the user to operate from for most part of the day. For more information about how you can reduce the pain of your Asset and Maintenance Managers, contact us.

Ramco is participating at AMPEAK 2015 to experience a diverse range of informative and educational topics, delivered by a global collective of experts from across industries. The event promises to deliver on forward thinking discussions and advances in technology, financial management, strategic maintenance planning and development and more!