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Meet CHIA - Your personal Chatbot to carry out transactions, ask policy queries or lend a support

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing are at the heart of digital transformation strategy today. Is your enterprise ready to embrace automation powered by all this which is light-years ahead?

Meet Ramco CHIA – your friendly, helpful chatbot that has the ability to understand and respond to queries just like your own personal assistant. From HR functions like leave and timesheet booking to more niche tasks like prompting for sending Invoice due alerts, Ramco CHIA is here to perform a versatile range of functions. Adoption of intelligent automation is often seen as a sign of an organization’s willingness to embrace the digital era, making it an attractive workplace for employees.

Ramco CHIA – Your HR Bot Buddy

Can help you with


Recent, Pending, Authorized or Rejected expense? Just chat to claim conveyance, communication, travel or anything else


From when, and till when? Full day or just half? Vacation, illness or other reason? CL, PL, OD or is it because you forgot your ID card?


Get quick summary of employee approvals, take instant actions, and carry out bulk approvals over a conversation


Let CHIA proactively prompt you to book timesheet. New entry? Advanced copy? Or copy from last to today – Get it done in a jiffy


Want to check your salary for this month? Or a range of months? Choose to get the details via email or chat


Too busy to update CRM? Feed in the account name and ask your chatbot to update


New travel request? Book tickets? Get other travel requirements done with CHIA


Meetings? Appointments? Any birthday celebrations for the day? Find out


Car policy, leave policy, mobile bill reimbursements, confirmation date, notice period and much more. Know Policies & Procedures of your company without searching piles of data

Team view

Get snapshot of your team members. Name, department, experience, the assignments handled by the employee, and other information useful for a manager

Self Service functions
monthly conversations

Business Value

Proactive and empathetic

Be it placing an order for an aircraft part or flight tickets, CHIA can take a look into the calendar and historical data, giving you intelligent insights and prompting you into action


 Errors relating to data entry are drastically reduced paving way for improved transparency and auditability of operations; resulting in more standardized processes

Empowering decision makers

 With a great speed of information flow, decision-making is a lot faster and the benefits flow all the way from there

Quicker response

More than 50% of queries that a HR support desk gets are repetitive. CHIA can answer them instantly and this speedy redressal increases the organization’s ability to scale up

Cost effective

  Mobile and web apps require platform specific investment which drives up the costs and impacts time-to-market. Save on your IT spend by choosing Ramco CHIA

Analytics tool

Check the digital channels most used, number of transactions completed among other useful data that can generate analytical reports like peak time usage and top chatbot users

It’s good to chat!

Transaction Bot

Leave? Travel? Appointments? Reimbursements? Don’t get caught up in the web of multiple screens. Let the Transaction Bot help you.

Policy Bot

Have queries regarding organization specific policies? Presenting the best policy to get them answered – the Policy Bot!

Service Bot

Tax calculations? Investment declarations? Clarification on arrears? Service Bot at your service! Ramco Service Bot can answer 70% of employee queries. Start typing, stop time-wasting.

A Bot not just for HR functions; explore enterprise business specific bots, including


Operations around supplier self-service, MIS and customer specific functions can be carried out through Ramco CHIA


Enabling customers, mechanics and contractors to perform tasks like component replacement request or billing through Ramco CHIA

Logistics BOT

Ask for the shipment location, delivery time of the package, schedule or reschedule the time and explore a lot more using Ramco CHIA

Ramco Chatbot - Coming Soon