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Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file, which typically consists of letters and numbers, downloaded on to your device (computer or mobile phone), when you access Ramco’s website. Cookies enable Ramco to recognize what your preferences are and store them, which effectively save you the time and trouble of repeatedly re-entering the same information.

The cookies on Ramco’s website are there to provide you with more relevant information and give you a much better and valuable experience when you browse. It also helps Ramco to improve its website.

Please note that cookies by themselves do not reveal  your personal information, but do contain certain unique identifiers. These unique identifiers in combination with other unique identifiers and information obtained from other sources may generate personal information about your identity.

What does Ramco collect and do using cookies?

Cookies used by Ramco collect information concerning your IP address, web pages visited by you, and the time of such visit. In certain instances, information collected by cookies will reflect your preferences and choices or follow your activity when you revisit Ramco’s website.

Sometimes you may follow an external link from a third party source (either an affiliate or not) that directs you to Ramco’s website. In such cases, Ramco stores information about your arrival from the external link in the form of a session cookie.

Do you need cookies for browsing and accessing Ramco’s website?

You do not need to have cookies turned on to visit Ramco’s website and you can opt out of them by turning them off on your browser settings, but doing so will affect your browsing experience. However, if you want to access Ramco’s web pages that require registration, you will need to accept a mandatory session cookie, which you can delete after you leave our website.

Does Ramco use third party analytics cookies?

Ramco uses analytics tools and other third party technologies, such as Google Analytics and HubSpot cookies. This is for collecting information in the form of usage and user metrics when you use Ramco’s website and/or services. These tools and technologies collect and analyze certain types of information including cookies, IP addresses, device and software identifiers, referral and exit URLs, onsite behaviour and usage information, feature use metrics and statistics, usage and purchase history, MAC Address, mobile unique device ID, and other similar information.

The third party analytics companies who collect information on Ramco’s website may combine the information with other information that they may have independently collected about your browsing and internet activities, either from several other websites that use analytics tools as well as their own online products and services. These companies collect and use such information under their own privacy policies, and Ramco as an independent organization cannot be held responsible for their data protection and privacy measures. 
Google Analytics’ terms of utilizing your data can be accessed in their Terms of Service. You may opt-out of Google Analytics utilizing your data by installing the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on. HubSpot provides information regarding the usage of your data in their Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.

Will social networking sites record cookies on Ramco’s website?

Ramco’s website provides functions for sharing content on social networks. If you use any of these functions, the social network operator might collect information such as your IP address, details of the pages that you have visited or record the cookies. Such collection of information is regulated by the privacy policy of these social network companies that provide these functions. You must peruse them to understand how your data will be protected by social networks.

Can I manage the use of Ramco cookies?

You do not have to accept cookies and you may modify your browser settings to refuse them. The browser you use allows you to see, identify and control the use of website cookies, including Ramco cookies.

You can revoke your earlier provided consent at any time and control the cookies through your browser, deleting them individually or deleting all of them. You can also set your browser to not accept any cookies. If this option is selected, you should be aware that many websites may not function properly, but this is not the case with Ramco’s website. Instead of setting up your browser to refuse/block cookies, you could set it up in a manner where your consent is required before each cookie is set on your device. This gives you more control over what is set on your device without excessively disrupting or compromising on the quality of your browsing experience. There are different levels of control that you can exercise in using your cookies. You will be able to prevent only third party cookies from being deployed, or block specific companies from deploying a cookie on your device.
In order to manage and control your cookies, please select your browser from the list below and follow the instructions:

Internet Explorer | Chrome | Safari | Firefox | Opera

In case you have any additional queries regarding Ramco’s cookie usage or policy, please write to us at privacy@ramco.com (mailto:privacy@ramco.com). Any changes in this policy will be published on this website.