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Ramco is uniquely poised with 35+ years of experience in operating vertically integrated cement plants and a world-class software solution to operate them.

Global Cement Industry faces constant challenges in productivity, energy costs, and environmental impact besides customer satisfaction and competition. Every manufacturer is trying to address them by sustainability and productivity improvement initiatives. Cement producers are adopting Digitalization as the lever. Connected machines and connected factories unlock value from the abundance of data. It is the only way to future-proof their operations. Transform your operations with Ramco suite of Cement Solutions.

Optima ProcessSuite

Ramco’s ProcessSuite is an AI/ML enabled Expert Optimizer System enabling strategic execution and optimization of grinding, milling, pyro processing or combined plant operation.

It helps produce cement sustainably and profitably by resource optimization and productivity improvement. It runs on the powerful Model Predictive Control (MPC) engine under collaboration with 2-control ApS, a Danish research-oriented company.

ProcessSuite delivers

  • Increase throughput
  • Increase yield
  • Reduce variability of key parameters
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Extend assets life

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Optima BlendX

The cement quality has a bearing on cost of recalls and customer satisfaction. Ensuring quality entails optimal raw material blending. It depends on chemical constraints, process limitations, raw material costs and material handling delay.

Ramco Optima BlendX monitors these parameters in real-time and smartly optimizes them to ensure 100% quality across production stages. It is enabled by real-time integration of lab equipment and process control system. It runs on the powerful MPC engine under collaboration with 2-control ApS, a Danish research-oriented company.

BlendX enables
  • Consistent desired product quality
  • Maximize utilization of alternate fuels
  • Enhance energy efficiency
  • Extend mines life
  • Reduce need for stricter homogenization systems
  • Eliminate customer product rejections
  • Reduce Operational Costs

Plant Data Management (PDM) System

A huge challenge for plant personnel is unavailability of reliable data to analyse operational performance. They painstakingly extract data from disparate data islands and systems to prepare spreadsheets. It hampers their ability to accurately monitor KPIs on time.

Ramco Plant Data Management (PDM) is an information management system with strong analytical capabilities. PDM ensures reliable, accurate and timely availability of information along with customizable dashboards available at the disposal of the entire plant workforce.

PDM delivers
  • Digital backbone for one data-way
  • Link all data islands to the digital backbone
  • Field Integrators for legacy systems
  • One Plant – One Data – One Truth
  • Data Acquisition, Data management
  • Log reporting, interactive dashboards with analytics
  • Accessibility through smart phones, tablets, desktops

Smart Plant Systems

Ramco Smart Plant is an epitome of Digitalization and Industry 4.0, the most prominent trends in Cement Industry. The concept involves parsing volumes of data from operational systems using AI tools to run the plant on Predictive Outcomes and Business Intelligence. Ramco Smart Plant integrates ERP modules with Advanced Process Control and PDM and interfaces with organizational data lakes, Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS), Energy Management System (EMS), and Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Smart Plant Systems delivers
  • Realtime Productivity and Efficiency
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Smart Energy Management
  • Operational and Maintenance Cost Efficiency
  • Product Quality and Traceability
  • HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) and other Regulatory Compliance

Auditing and Consulting Services

Cement Manufacturing is a complex process with many variants. It includes a broad range of value chain activities such as mining, processing, manufacturing, quality control, inbound and outbound distribution. Globally cement manufacturers face the challenge of ensure process compliance, cost control and emissions control. It requires deep domain expertise to achieve these KPIs.

Our Consulting and Support services include:

  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Auditing
  • De-bottlenecking
  • Performance enhancement Solutions
  • Asset Management
  • Training

Our Global Customers


Ramco has been a partner of Eagle Cement Corporation in its Digital Transformation Journey. Our ERP and HCM implementation, integration and digitalization helps our company improve efficiency, processes, and transparency. Our ERP systems are integrated with other systems like LIMS, Truck scales, RTI Automations, GPS. In addition, our Facial Recognition is integrated with HCM HR System. All this has been made possible by Ramco. Enabling portals for Customers and Vendors help us reach out to them in a digital way providing them transparency and ease of transaction with our company. Mobility solution enabled our users to access the system anywhere on any device, thereby increasing productivity. Dashboards and reports provide holistic visualization of our data in systems that improved visibility and analysis to facilitate timely decision-making.

Paulo C. Munoz, Head of IT Systems, Eagle Cement
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