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Ramco Hub Management solution caters to the need of managing In-Transit Hubs. This includes activities of arrival, departure, parent-child execution, resource planning, carrier scheduling etc. Goods arriving in a Transit Hub can be deconsolidated, segregated and then consolidated back again to be shipped out. Hub audit for quality compliance is another key support provided.

Hub audits play a key part in ensuring hub quality eliminating mismatches between actual inventory quantity and the quantity recorded in the system. Ramco Hub Management provides complete visibility of all inward and outward movements from all the hubs across the network of a logistics service provider. It also helps consolidate deliveries at the click of a button. This in turn reduces the cost of operations and improves profit margins.

Some of the new features we are working on currently include:


Seal Information Tracking

Capability to capture and view seal information during hub loading and hub receipt

Short / Excess Consignment Declaration

Provision to capture receipt and details of short / excess consignment at hub

Pilferage Declaration

Provision to capture loss / theft of consignment

Stock Management in Transportation Hub

Capability of Hubs to handle inventory storage requirements that arise during transit.