Face is the new ID

Now access any of your office location globally with just a smile. Say cheese to RamcoGEEK!
Time & Attendance Simplified!

Are you bogged down by reams of attendance record, stacks of time and attendance (T&A) data and timesheet irregularities? An outdated attendance system would neither be employee-friendly nor give you insightful data on time. It’s time to overstep these limits and manage attendance the intelligent way. Deliver next-gen employee experience aligned to the changing needs of an organization.

Welcome to the world of frictionless time management - say hello to RamcoGEEK! Hassle-free, intelligent and foolproof, this facial recognition technology removes the need for any clicks, logins or ID cards. It will take only seconds for any employee to register attendance. It brilliantly simplifies the employee experience and simultaneously solves the problem of tracking and tallying attendance information, plugging revenue leaks for the organization.


It takes barely 3 seconds to recognize your face and create attendance journal in the payroll system, saving precious man-hours


Automatically scans multiple employees, with 99.8% accuracy in face detection. Faces once recognised are accurately enrolled into the payroll system

Optimize resources

RamcoGEEK! makes data available in real-time and synchronizes the data without a time-lag. This real-time monitoring helps to optimize workforce and other resources

Offline Capability

Integrated with systems like loT sensors, it cannot be scammed easily. RamcoGEEK! works offline too, useful in locations without Internet access

Increased productivity

Saving time will lead to an increase in productivity, resulting in reduction of cost (optimal utilization of resources) and an increase in revenue


Readymade integration with Ramco’s HR and Payroll modules and other modules as well unlike other time marking systems that require efforts to develop integration components


The system ensures that there are no concerns regarding hygiene and cleanliness unlike biometric systems which has devices requiring physical contact

Towards a Touchless Attendance System

Move over finger based biometrics and unhygienic plastic based access cards - mark attendance in the most hygienic and efficient way possible

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Welcome to the world of hassle-free, intelligent and foolproof facial recognition technology, RamcoGEEK!

How simple is saying cheese to RamcoGEEK!

Precise algorithms

Built using Microsoft's cognitive services - Face API and HyperVerge’s facial recognition technology to deliver precise face-detection algorithms. This makes it highly accurate in matching multiple attributes of the captured image against the database of images at the backend.

Enhanced security and privacy

Ramco ensures that the software saves only binary digits and not images, putting to rest the debate on privacy and security. The software then compares the binary digits with the saved, encrypted data at the backend to confirm the identity of the employee.


RamcoGEEK! can be enabled on multiple devices that include mobile phones, tablets, and CCTV cameras to mark employees’ attendance. It can come to use in places where the system has not been installed. It can work in remote locations too, without the internet.

RamcoGEEK! beaming

10 mn+

Intelligent Features of Facial Recognition

Liveness Detection

Ensures no one uses a photograph or a video to feign attendance, preventing fraud attendance entries


Tracks people’s movement within specific work areas; useful for offices with restricted areas which permits only select employees

Age Detection

Helps identify under-aged workforce, a rampant issue when dealing with contract labour

Breath Analyzer

Detects inebriated employees, which is critical to jobs that require driving, or dealing with hazardous materials etc.

Offline Capabilities

RamcoGEEK! enables businesses with poor internet access to register attendance offline, and later allows bulk upload of data when there’s a strong network

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