Ramco ERP on Cloud for Auto Component Manufacturers

Gear up to meet challenges. Thrive in a competitive marketplace. Be the preferred auto component maker - always.

Whether you are a manufacturer of engine parts, drive transmission and steering parts, body and chassis, suspension and brake parts, electrical parts, equipments or other auto components, you can accelerate the time-to-market by perfectly aligning your research and development, design and manufacturing with your customers’ needs. With Ramco ERP on Cloud, you can manage the entire manufacturing and supply chain efficiently and cost-effectively for domestic and global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and after-markets.

Whether you operate a single plant or multiple plants across the globe, you can benefit from industry-leading functionalities and best practices, tailored to the needs of auto component manufacturers. Our solution incorporates wisdom gained from years of experience working with your industry counterparts.

With Ramco ERP on Cloud for auto component industry, you can deliver an unparalleled customer experience by leveraging the best-in-class functionalities for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Human Capital Management (HCM) and Analytics.

Stay in Step with Your OEM Customers

Change is constant—be it in design or schedules. Keep pace with what your customers need.

In such a dynamic industry, requirements keep changing – often on-the-go! You need to keep pace with rapid changes to product designs and delivery schedules of OEM customers. Ramco ERP on Cloud enables you to do just that.

  • Shorten product development cycle time with robust engineering change management.
  • Reduce lead times, deliver on time, and improve your supplier ratings.
  • Collaborate with your customers and grow with them, as a preferred supplier.

Cut Operating Costs, Not Quality

Every penny matters. Optimize every cost point.

Cut operating costs by bringing in greater visibility and control over cost elements. Convert your cost advantages into competitive prices for your OEM and after-market customers, and watch your business soar!

  • Optimize inventories and control waste.
  • Tap the best practices woven into Ramco’s Management Accounting module to manage costs and be competitive.
  • Exercise rigorous stage-wise quality control and bring down rejection rates phenomenally. Eliminate rework.
  • Empower your managers with internal data on costing elements and their performance as per key performance indicators (KPIs).

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

Use the right strategies to attain market leadership.

Increasing competition has a telling effect on your pricing and profitability. Ramco ERP on Cloud helps you harness the right strategies to gain and sustain your competitive edge.

  • Manage complex pricing across geographies for customers and customer groups, and items and item groups. Offer the best prices to your customers.
  • Track your Order-to-Cash processes comprehensively - from leads to collections. Gain complete visibility and control.
  • Fix credit limits. Handle day sales outstanding (DSO) metrics and analyze ageing. Increase your cash flow.

Make Just in time (JIT) Deliveries

Avoid over or under stocking. Yet make sure you’re always on time!

Work in tandem with your customers and supply chain partners to ensure JIT deliveries. It will save you and them a lot of money, effort and time.

  • Use a comprehensive planning engine to come up with the best procurement, manufacturing and shipment plans.
  • Integrate Ramco ERP on Cloud with your shop floor systems to ensure real-time data flow for faster decision-making
  • Empower your suppliers also with real-time information through the supplier portal.

Meet Rigorous Shipment Commitments

More the merrier; let not the challenges of shipping large orders worry you.

You can consistently meet the challenges of shipping large volumes of different product groups across geographies using different modes of shipments.

  • Plan multi-mode shipments with ease
  • Pick, pack and deliver with greater visibility and speed
  • Deploy a complete range of packaging options for your customers and customer groups

Manage Production Effectively

Innovate and transform your manufacturing value chain. Experience real efficiency.

You can gain better visibility across the demand pipeline and manage production priorities better. Even complex production requirements become easy with Ramco ERP on Cloud!

Ramco's RTI capability automates data collection, thus eliminating the errors inherent in manual entry. Continuous online data capturing across industrial controls, plant management, process management and quality management is possible with RTI.

  • Gain from robust product data management capabilities and leverage our production reporting features.
  • Choose from Make-to-Stock/ Make-to-Order/ Configure-to-Order/ Engineer-to-Order manufacturing and adopt lean manufacturing practices
  • Track your production yield and enhance productivity. Derive complete visibility and make dynamic changes to production priorities.
  • Automate your production planning with distribution requirement planning (DRP), master production schedule (MPS), Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP II) and Finite Scheduling

Think Quality

Nothing delights customers as much as quality.

Reach your quality goals with the unrelenting perfection of our quality module. Adopt the flexible yet rigorous features to make sure your output always meets the customers’ needs.

  • Keep master data of specifications and standards for testing
  • Automate testing and reduce processing time
  • Ensure quality control in all stages of procurement and production

Make the Most of Your Assets

Ensure asset availability and reliability. Cut downtime.

You can effectively manage the entire asset lifecycle, improve asset utilization and ensure availability of your critical equipment.

  • Manage the entire lifecycle right from asset planning, procurement and operations, to maintenance budgeting and timely repair of mission-critical equipment
  • Leverage preventive, predictive, breakdown and shut-down maintenance practices
  • Activate maintenance and calibration alerts
  • Integrate equipment with direct control systems (SCADA-DCS) through real-time integration (RTI)

Reduce inventory costs

Waste not, want not.

To deliver on time does not mean you have to necessarily maintain overflowing warehouses! You can maintain optimal inventory levels, yet provide the best service to your customers.

  • Get insights on criticality, consumption pattern and inventory of your finished products, raw materials and work-in-progress (WIP) items
  • Gain greater inventory turnover visibility. Track inventory to balance cost of inventory with benefits
  • Perform cycle counts and track quantities on hand versus book stocks. Control variances and ensure inventory integrity. Make informed decisions
  • Benefit from insights on past price patterns and seasonal price drops with Ramco reports. Purchase items when prices are attractive
  • Analyze items based on consumption frequency (FSN - Fast Slow and Non Moving), consumption value (ABC), and criticality (VED - Vital, Essential and Desirable). Track and convert obsolete material and free up cash

Manage Money Matters Wisely

Integrate and control your financials. Watch how the money flows and make the most of it.

Ramco ERP on Cloud helps you to manage all aspects of your financial operations comprehensively, and provides you with the cross-enterprise visibility needed to make swift and wise decisions.

  • Expand your enterprise structure across geographies and business units as per your expanding needs. Consolidate your financials across group companies
  • Perform segment-wise reporting
  • Create, track and consolidate your budgets. Run budget vs. actual reports to develop real-time visibility
  • Integrate your operations across your multi-company, multi-location and multi-currency enterprise. Use Financial Statement Layout builder to configure reports as per your formats
  • Meet tax compliance norms. Easily manage compliance during your expansions into emerging markets, locally and globally