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This article is reproduced from Technology Evaluation Center Blog dated 02nd July 2013 ( by P.J. Jakovljevic)

"Workday and Infor should be on alert"

- Ramco Launches Cloud HCM

Mr. Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems launching
Ramco HCM on Cloud on June 26, 2013 at Bangalore

Ramco Systems has been offering an on-premises human capital management (HCM) solution for the last 15 years that runs in more than 300 organizations, including some large customers with 100,000 employees or more. The vendor’s experience and knowledge gained by serving global customers has helped it recently launch a comprehensive cloud HCM solution. Namely, Ramco has just announced the global launch of Ramco HCM on Cloud, a broad human resources (HR) and talent management solution with global payroll, Gen-Y interface, access via smartphones, and integration with social channels.

In addition, the solution brings the speed and agility of an in-memory engine and the intuitiveness of a context-aware solution. Ramco concurrently unveiled Minnal, a flexible lightweight in-memory engine, which can be used for any planning, scheduling, optimization, and batch processing activity. The in-memory engine is currently used in payroll and is capable of reducing the payroll processing time from a few hours to a few minutes.

Ramco’s cloud HCM offering covers almost every aspect of an employee lifecycle: workforce management, recruitment, talent management, employee development, workforce planning, and payroll and benefits. This truly multitenant and power-packed HCM solution is now available to the global market. For more details, watch the Ramco HCM on Cloud video here.

Game-Challenger, Maybe More

As of now, Ramco has 30,000 employee records in the cloud. Large customers include Red Tag, Sharaf Group, and others, totaling more than 16 cloud HCM customers. The pricing is based on the user count/month basis, apart from the basic configuration charges. With this launch, Ramco hopes to transform the HR and talent management software market, given that the code base for the on-premises and cloud HCM products is the same.

In contrast, SuccessFactors and Taleo are owned by large enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors, SAP and Oracle respectively, and may be classified as best-of-breed integrations. They often have to work with third-party payroll and/or ERP products that see integration costs flow into (or at least on top of) product licensing.

Ramco’s HCM application is organically grown and hence completely designed with all of its components in mind. It focuses on creating a cloud system of records capturing business and life events associated with employees. It is generated on Ramco’s platform VirtualWorks and hence exhibits such qualities as service-oriented architecture (SOA), multitenancy, extensibility tools, etc.

Thus, Ramco HCM can be run for global best practices or be localized to suit the business and statutory zone it works with. It interfaces with third-party systems for social media, some statutory reporting services, and gamification. Workday and Infor should be on alert, especially in Ramco’s regional strongholds.

If you would like to learn more on how to leverage and nurture your talent with our HR & talent management solutions , drop us a mail to contact@ramco.com

Customer Testimonials

  • Automating HCM Processes, generating reports and accessing real time information today is indeed a difficult task in any organization. Ramco’s HCM solution with multi-country payroll on the Cloud will help us manage our workforce across locations in a streamlined manner

    Mr. Ernest Hosking, CEO