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Ramco Systems launches its virtual assistant CHIA on Signal and Telegram

Ramco Systems launches its virtual assistant CHIA on Signal and Telegram

Strengthens Ramco CHIA's capabilities with an additional 15+ self-service HR transactions

Chennai, INDIA – February 01, 2021 – Global enterprise software provider, Ramco Systems announced the availability of Ramco CHIA Chatbot (Virtual Assistant) on Signal and Telegram. With this, Ramco CHIA is now available on 12 leading social messaging platforms including WeChat, Microsoft Skype, Microsoft Teams, Web Chat, WhatsApp, Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Workplace, Line and Slack, thus reaching the user where he / she is.

Ramco CHIA is an Artificial Intelligence driven Virtual Assistant which uses Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing to simplify day-to-day HR transactions.

Initially assisting employees and managers in use cases such as attendance, reimbursement, cancellations, onboarding and medical insurance, Ramco CHIA now supports a multitude of new functionalities. Ramco CHIA can answer the queries of employees regarding compensation and bonuses, providing a breakdown of their pay out and informing them if they are eligible for fringe benefits.

In addition, Ramco CHIA now embeds actionable cards for form based transactions such as scheduling leave or filing reimbursement claims to be carried out using Microsoft Teams and other supported channels. With Ramco’s MailIT functionality and actionable cards, these transactions can also be carried out through email on Microsoft Outlook. Ramco CHIA can also integrate with a firm’s CRM, enabling employees to update accounts using the chat bot. Employees can also utilize Ramco CHIA to track meetings when it is integrated with the Microsoft Outlook Calendar.   

Some of the recently added Chat bot Use Cases include:
  • L1 Payroll Support - Compensation queries, breakdown of pay out, fringe benefit eligibility...
  • Timesheet Management - Timesheet/Task mapping, Addition of new timesheet tasks, assignment of tasks to employees
  • Employee Personal Information - Update contact details
  • HR Admin - Change Supervisor, check assignment history
  • SPOC Admin - FBP Pending details, Salary hold details, variance

Some of the ways Ramco CHIA can provide support include:  

  • Enabling HR admins to check assignment history and change supervisors
  • SPOC Admins can utilize the chat bot to generate information like flexible benefit plan pending (FBP) details, salary hold details and variance reports
  • Managers can now use the chat bot to map timesheets and tasks, add new timesheet tasks and assign tasks to employees
  • Employees can use Ramco CHIA to update their personal information

Sharing his comments on the latest roll out, Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems, said, “Over the years, our goal of moving towards Zero UI is steadily coming to fruition. With more than 15 new use cases that Ramco CHIA can perform, the number of tasks that managers and employees can perform over a chat without necessarily logging into any dedicated application is constantly increasing. With the infusion of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Ramco CHIA’s ability to understand its users has increased exponentially, greatly minimizing the need for human intervention. As users increase the number of messaging platforms they are on, we seek to have Ramco CHIA available on as many channels as possible, to best meet their needs. There is a surge in users on Signal and Telegram and we wanted to ensure Ramco CHIA is available to them. We will continue enhancing Ramco CHIA’s capabilities, so that we realize our end goal of Zero UI.”

To date, Ramco CHIA is up and running at multiple client locations, globally. With over 100,000 subscribed users, CHIA has matured over the past 3 years and has crossed more than 10 Million conversations against 150,000+ subscribed users with 40+ customers. Over time, the virtual assistant improves contextual awareness, gets smarter and anticipates users’ needs based on their behavioural pattern, and even prompts actions as needed.