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Ramco Systems launches Self Explaining Payslip

Ramco Systems launches Self Explaining Payslip

Offloads over 50% payroll queries answered by the HR helpdesk, powered by its Anomaly & Reasoning Engine

Chennai, INDIA – June 09, 2021 – Leading global payroll software provider, Ramco Systems announced the launch of Self Explaining Payslip, a smart, AI-based service that lets employees seek explanations of their compensation and payslip component.


Ramco’s Self Explaining Payslip helps employees receive prompt and personalized responses to their payroll queries, without having to write to a payroll helpdesk and wait for a response.


It answers queries employees most frequently have on their payslip and salary computation. These include queries related to payments that vary from period-to-period, information that is not directly available in a payslip and tax related queries.


Available 24/7 and secured with a two-factor authentication, Ramco’s Self Explaining Payslip also eases employee experience through proactive notifications across payslip availability, tax declarations, and salary analytics.


Some examples of the kind of payroll enquiries that the Self-Explaining Payslip can help address:

  • Overtime/Loss of Pay break-up
  • Arrears/Back-dated payments
  • Year-to-date and historical enquiries
  • Month-to-month comparisons
  • Tax computation worksheets


When required, this intelligent service also enables employees to create a support ticket automatically or initiate audio/video call with the payroll helpdesk. Therefore, the Self Explaining Payslip can help companies reduce the dependency on their payroll helpdesk/ BPO support by more than 50%, thereby driving better employee experience and higher productivity of payroll teams. 


Ramco Global Payroll seamlessly integrates with major HCM platforms (such as Oracle and Workday). Therefore, the Self Explaining Payslip can be extended to Ramco’s ecosystem customers as well.


Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems, said, “Organizations around the world are increasingly seeking ways to enhance employee experience. Digital transformation of payroll is one such avenue with immense scope. Infused with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology, Ramco’s Self Explaining Payslip can provide instantaneous and personalized answers to the questions employees have regarding their payslips, thus reducing human intervention, bridging employee helpdesk gap, and resulting in highly engaged employees.


The Self Explaining Payslip service will be offered to Ramco’s customers through Ramco’s virtual assistant CHIA.  CHIA uses Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing to simplify day-to-day HR & Payroll transactions. Available on over 50+ messaging platforms including Microsoft Teams, Slack, Workplace from Facebook, WeChat, Viber and WhatsApp, Ramco CHIA addresses a holistic set of 50+ Employee and Manager Self-service functions related to leave, timesheet, travel, expenses, explanation of company policies and team management. This new feature would augment its existing capabilities in driving employee engagement.


To date, Ramco CHIA is up and running at multiple client locations, globally. Over the past 3 years, CHIA has crossed more than 10 million conversations against 150,000+ subscribed users, and 870,000+ transactions, saving 2.6 million minutes. Over time, the virtual assistant improves contextual awareness, gets smarter and anticipates users’ needs based on their behavioural pattern, and even prompts actions as needed.