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Columbia Helicopters Trusts Ramco


Columbia Helicopters is the largest civil operator of the Boeing Vertols and Chinooks. These aircraft have a very complex maintenance management and supply chain. With the remote operations and increasing stringency of FAA, they wanted to modernize their infrastructure, bring about efficiencies and position the organization for the propelled growth.

Key Client Challenges

  • Need for a fully integrated system across their shops, hangars, remote bases, and all related functions
    • To cover the life cycle of the aircraft and components
    • Efficient supply chain management
    • Accurate and effective finance & accounting functions
    • A robust system to support their growing MRO line of business
    • Optimization of Mechanics, parts and workload between the maintenance of their own fleet and customer assemblies and parts
    • Maintenance of the Ground Support Equipment functions to have a proper accounting of labor and materials
  • Managing Maintenance and Inventory data of the remote bases that have limited or no network connectivity
  • Managing Time and Attendance of the employees for job costing and payroll purposes

Ramco’s Solution

  • Ramco’s Aviation Solution is a completely web centric, state of the art, fully integrated solution including finance and accounting functions
  • Utilizing the powerful features of the application, the Columbia Helicopters’ team has configured the application to take care of the challenges and provide solutions to the complex challenges
    • End-to-end integration from maintenance to supply chain to finance to operations
    • The Offline Field Maintenance Solution enables remote location crew to update records in field bases and auto sync all data from and to the head office
    • The Time & Attendance functions enable the easy & accurate tracking of labor hours and attendance records
    • The powerful formula builders within the application enable the team to manage complex maintenance due to calculations for component usage
    • The comprehensive Contracts functions that is fully integrated to all areas of the application enable the MRO division to accurately track performance, customer inventory and billing of the work done

Key Benefits

  • Has brought about the technological readiness of Columbia Helicopters to current and set the stage for all future advances with relative ease and agility
  • Tracking of the maintenance, parts, and utilization from nose to tail
  • Visibility of aircraft, components, personnel, parts, and equipment across locations
  • Consolidated time tracking for the personnel
  • Better visibility & control of costs, revenue, and hence predictable profitability
  • Optimized inventory across locations
  • Increased efficiencies of Mechanics – more wrench time than data search and locate time
  • Better tracking of the MRO business. Entire Order to Cash cycle in one application
  • Centralized IT management

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