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French airline, Air Tahiti Trusts Ramco


Air Tahiti chooses Ramco to streamline its operations

Air Tahiti the popular French Polynesian operator with a fleet size of 12 flying to 47 destinations in the region needed a solution to address a host of problems.

Featured Solutions

  • COTS M&E Solution
  • Tools & Calibration Management
  • Maintenance Planning & Execution
  • Sabre Rocade Flight Ops Integration

Business Needs

  • Well-established M&E Software that could support the company's growth for the next 5-10 years
  • A System that would bring in best practices and improve productivity
  • A robust Materials and Tools Management functionality to improve inventory efficiencies
  • Real-time Warranty Tracking and Claims Automation required
  • A system that could enables paperless process flow
  • Aligning critical MRO Functions with industry best practices

Ramco Solution

  • Ramco's Warranty and Claims Management solution delivers cost benefits via real time Warranty Tracking and Claims automation
  • Ramco's Tool & Calibration module enables active tracking of tools due for calibration and maintenance and ensures that the right tools are in ready state.
  • Ramco M&E will integrate with Sabre Rocade Flight Ops system for real-time maintenance updates and flight scheduling
  • Scrap functionality to enable better management of ageing fleet aircraft parts
  • Ramco will power the entire transformation of critical reports, statutory and planning related paperwork to go paperless

Value add

  • A one-stop solution that provides end-to-end M&E with the effectiveness of best-of-breed solutions
  • Better tracking of inventory and stock, thereby reducing inventory carrying cost
  • Several avenues to save costs associated with operations and maintenance in an integrated eco system

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