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PHI reaffirms its decade-old trust in Ramco


PHI predicted rapid growth of their business in the immediate future and wanted a system that seamlessly integrated across maintenance, materials and finance & accounting. The growing number of bases also called for a system that will be web centric for use by the personnel in the field bases. This will provide for real time data for better analysis and decision making.

Business Needs

  • Disparate systems – over 1000 individual data silos needed to be replaced with 1 source of data
  • An IT system that is aligned with PHI’s expansion of global operations with excellent scalability
  • Ability to plan heavy maintenance of their aircraft to reduce downtime of aircraft
  • Ability to have near zero usage of paper (paperless Shops & Hangars)
  • Streamline supply chain across their growing number of bases
  • Optimize inventory across all field bases
  • Ability to track warranty efficiently
  • Replace the home grown EFB with a robust product that will be state of the art in technology and features
  • Reduce the time to bill after the flight had taken place

Featured Solutions

  • Aviation Analytics
  • Ramco Maintenance & Engineering
  • Electronic Flight Bag

Ramco’s Solution

  • Ramco’s web centric application with rich functions in maintenance, engineering and supply chain provided seamless flow and visibility of data across these functions
  • Integration with their accounting system with minimal to no human intervention
  • Centrally controlled resource requirements (Man power, materials & equipment)
  • Streamlined forecasting & planning of personnel and materials reducing their heavy maintenance time turn-around time by almost half
  • Real-time tracking of aircraft usage and analysis resulting in PHI’s ability to engage in new/competitive pricing models
  • Comprehensive Materials Request Matrix, integrating all locations for automated flow of supply chain of parts
  • Automated warranty claim generation based on set rules enabling PHI to track warranty even on small items
  • Seamlessly integrated EFB providing the following:
    • Paperless cockpit
    • Offline system with ability to communicate through serial port
    • Simple & easy to use flight planning, fuel burn calculations and weight & balance
    • Near real time billing (Pilot pushes a button upon agreement by the customer in order to to update data into the billing system)

Key Benefits

  • Single source of data that is real time enabling better decision making
  • Achieved paperless shops, hangars and cockpit
  • Streamlined aircraft visit planning resulting in increased aircraft availability resulting in incremental revenue of $1.5 million per year per aircraft
  • Enhanced warranty tracking enabling savings of around $6 million per year
  • 99.9% Inventory accuracy at all stocking locations
  • On-time billing and financial closure
  • Complete visibility over parts (internal, external and under repair ) across locations
  • Automated flow of parts removing any manual intervention using min-max that automatically orders parts for optimal stocking
  • Real time Warranty tracking discovered new savings

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